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i will have an A10 on loan so i will be able to compare B52/800 to A10/HE60 and 1.2B. i am without stax though.
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I will say that the 800s are some of the best dynamics I've heard. I used to own the lambda pros, and currently own the lambda signatures. I prefer both of them over the 800s. To me the 800s sound like a much more refined hd600(which is a good thing). They just do everything better. When I first listened to them the first thought that came to my head was "wow these sound like sennheisers". So I can see why a lot of people love them(so do I). I guess I just prefer electrostats.
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OK, I'm going to have to try to find a Stax setup nearby.

Anyone near Edinburgh who wouldn't mind me popping by for an hour with some discs to have a listen to a properly installed, not-at-a-dealer, system? Not an Omega as it's a bit more than I would want to spend, but perhaps a 4040 system or something equivalent?


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