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London (UK) meeting.

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Hi, I've had a couple of nice PM exchanges with fellow London based Head-Fiers and we've said that it would be nice to at least meet and get to know each other. To that end perhaps we could meet at a pub in central London some time. This with a view to perhaps having some meets with gear, perhaps even a London club of some sort, doesn't have to be too complicated.

What do you think?

If you read this and know someone who might be interested please let them know about this thread.

OK So here it is:

I'll PM everyone who's expressed an interest so that people can confirm whether they can come or not on that day and what they'd like to bring.

We'll meet on Sunday 20th December 2009, in the afternoon - say from 2, but if people want to come earlier that's OK too.

It'll be at my home in Lewisham.

Address details PM'd to those coming. Let me know if you want these details.

It's serviced by Lewisham station, zone 2 - DLR, or main line running from Charing Cross, London Bridge or Waterloo East.

A map:

The big X to the left is the main station entrance, but sometimes a side entrance is open which is the small x nearby.

Parking is freely available on a Sunday.

As a matter of meet etiquette please don't use hair products that might come off on other peoples headphones.

If you want to come please let me know so that we can plan to make it work for the number attending.

The list of confirmed attendees:

Me (modded Fostex T20v2s, '80s 600ohm DT990s, HD580s, k140s, Bravo toy tube amp, Cyrus One amp, V-DAC and other assorted odds and ends)



Parafeed, subject to flu (some diy tube amps, HD800, HD650, JVC DX1000, possibly Eddie Current Zana Deux, LD MKVI, DIYHiFiSupply Chazz and/or Bijou, depending... perhaps some sources - a raid array of tunes, SB3s, Duet)

Kabeer (a selection of orthodynamic headphones including Yamaha YH-1000s, UM3x IEMs, CTH hybrid tube amp).

P4Z (HD650 with stock cable and with Double Helix Cables balanced cable, a hard drive with only 40gb of tunes, possibly LD MK VII)

probably Hughwi (Grado HF2, HD650s, DT770 (balanced), Balanced CKKIII, buffalo DAC, graham slee SRG)

Antistase - unlikely (modded K340, boutique MilletMax, DT880/250 SE, M3 amp, CD80, PS1 player, perhaps DIY PP 2A3/45 preamp)

G. Stobbart (HD600, Darkvoice amp with a bunch of tubes)

Possibly Progenitor (Headamp GS-1, Grado RS-2, possibly K1000)

MinotaurUK (HD600, HD650, LD MKV)

DT701 (ultrasone pro-2500 & hfi-780)

The list will grow from here...
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Lecky this thread is great. It was about time somebody resurrected this idea!

Come on Londoners! You can't can a cans meeting no matter how busy you are!

Weekends are easier on most of the people I think.
December has probably only the two first ones to offer as a lot of people will be probably out and around for the festivities.

Myself I'm pretty flexible exluding Christmas and First of the year weekends.

Pretty flexible with the pub too preferring real pubs over huppie bars.

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Weekends are good for me, and I agree that one of the first two weekends of December or in January once all the Christmas and New Year arrangements are out of the way.
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Im in, consider me subscribed!
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Depending on how many people there are perhaps we could book a table at an inexpensive restaurant rather than meet at a pub, but either way...
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Sounds interesting
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If nothing else four of us is enough to start (there's definitely someone else who would be interested in any gear meet, but not in the initial pub meet - if it is at a pub at least).
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A resto i also a good idea. Less chances to have our ear violated by bad music violated by bad reproduction. And more chances to talk.

There is a popular pub in Kensington, the Churchill Arm, which has a reasonably quality viet restaurant attached. It is quite nice to have Asian food washed with proper draft ale. Not spot town centre but very easily reachable.

Another alternative is an ultra cheap, byod, large, good and popular kebab restaurant in Dalston.

I'm wandering if a Friday night after work will attract more people. What about the 11/12?

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Gear meet->food/drinks->wtf knows->go home
This'll be fun...
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Originally Posted by lecky View Post
(there's definitely someone else who would be interested in any gear meet, but not in the initial pub meet).
= moi.
Even more interested if there are planars there (orthos and stats ).
Any high quality headphones are cool though.
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Listening wish-list: K70x/1000, HD800, D5/7000s HF2, DT880, PRO 900s, any Stax
If anyone's bringing gear, I hope even just one of those will be coming along too.
I can bring my stuff if you like.
Do we have a date(or even week?) or is this still speculation at this point?
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First phase is about to check if there is any interest and how much.

The transportable rig I have includes a DT880, a modded K340, an M3 and a MilletMax (bouquet). Sources also are going to be selected carefully. I can show a modded PS1 which is quite a surprisingly good player or can bite the bullet and carry my modified and heavy CD80 (really good I think).

On my side I would be interested in:
Bijou, EHAA (all versions), Stax phones (if coupled with proper amp), Millet MiniMax,
AD900, K1000, any modded ortho.

We are 5 so far.
Any idea about where to bring all this stuff?

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Neat, two DIY amps I wanted to try out, and a DT880. (250 or 600?).
If we can get a few more people, we could split the cost of "borrowing" a room for a bit. It's not like it'll be some really big meet, unless this turns out to gain more interest than I initially expected, so we'd only need it for a couple of hours.
Most places would rent a room for a day like at the Manchester meet; speaking of which, that deducted from our potential attendees.
What about a "conference room"?
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it is a 250ohm one. I would be also interested in listening to a 600 ohm as I'm sure it has to be better on all fronts. I got flashed by the K340 few months ago and the drive for pure dynamic headphones vanished abruptly. But of course I didn't listen to very expensive productions so far.
What I know for use is that I'm not a Grado person and I'm not going to put full price money on an HD800.

And whilst we are speaking about Byerdynamics headphones I would be extremely interested in trying a DT48e.
I know this is almost impossible but I'm looking for somebody who built a Millet's Menace amplifier in London.

Is there anybody with a subscription to a sport club which has conf rooms to rent? This is usually cheaper.

Or what about a Town Hall?

Otherwise there is a social club close where I leave (West London tube zone 2) that rents the place for private events and I guess I can convince the owners to keep the football game in TV quite. It is one of those large old post-war looking place with darts, bar counter and pool table. Acustically would be unusable for traditional audio listening but for headphones I think it will be ok. It is going to be on the 75/100 BP range for an afternoon for the whole place.

I'm not sure a meeting room can be easely booked at weekends.

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Sounds like a good plan. Have an ale for me lads. If I lived in London I'd be in.
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