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slim X details v. pana570

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hey check out the details on the web site (iriveramerica.com) under the product section...lemme know what you guys think!!! I'm trying to decide on this or a pana slct570... gimme your input please. Hmm... a 12mw headphone output, pretty good, BUT thats into 16 ohms..any know what that really means..
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The Slim X looks awesome... I have a Sonicblue SP-250 and my 3 major complaints with it are that it's ugly, it's big, and it hisses (quitely, only noticeable in quiet parts of a song). The Slim X has fixed at least two of these problems.

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I am not sure, I have the 780, a different model, but the cover is about to fall off....
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Originally posted by a1leyez0nm3
Get the Slim X, or better yet, An MD player, I wouldn't get the Pana 570, I have the 780, and the cover is about to fall off, and so is the showcase model I looked at

I am deciding on this too myself, whether I should get the pana 570 or the slimX?

While I really want slimx because I can carry lots of songs with me and only have to bring one or two cds, but the pana 570 can provide the best sound out of the two pcdp, used with my sony 7506.

How will the slimx perform in terms of sound quality (based on the iriver250)?
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Hmmmmm... Well the SP-250 has the same hardware as the IMP-250, and I have the SP-250, so here goes... The sound quality is very good (though the included headphones hurt my ears just to look at, let alone listen to!) So far, I have only one complaint about the sound: in perfectly quiet sections of songs, you can hear a very, very, very faint hiss. Oh, and the backlight buzzes, but I guess that isn't what you were talking about... Oh, and did I mention how it looks? It's uglier than... Well, it's uglier than any other CD player that I have ever seen! The SlimX, though, looks awesome!

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I had a sp100: Didn't sound too bad, better then maybe most new pcdps, but I would still rather use it with the V6's than the 780. You might want to look at the sony 725, or another series, they seem to be more relable and have decent sound, oh ya, the 580 doesn't have a line out, if you are thinking of that one
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i don't think you should compare the output mW of two pcdp's together......

I mean, headphone producers make outrageous claims about frequency response.....so i don't think this is much different....
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