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I have owned 2 pairs of the standard Monster Turbines, I would love to review the Monster Turbine Pros.
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Would be interested, I haven't had much of an opportunity to look into them prior to now.
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I'll do it.
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Give me!
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Would very much like to have an audition since I've been eyeballing this model for quite a while now..
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I would like to review them.
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I'm in.
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I'd like to give them a shot please!
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I was pleasantly surprised by the Turbines, I would love to review the PRO version. =]
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I am obsessed with IEM, so if you could, send a pair my way please!
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I'd love to review these.
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I am interested...
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i would love to test these, i mainly listen music on the go and in places with a lot of noise so i would love to test these
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I'd love to review them... Never heard good things about Monster until the Turbines and Beats.

Again, in college, full of kids and iPod owners, and i'd be using them around school alot... Also love reviewing things, and enjoy photography
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Review headphones

I work on audio files from court reporters to prepare transcripts. I really need good, clear quality in my headphones. I would be really pleased to try the Turbine Pro In-Ear and post a review. Thanks for the opportunity.
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