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I'd be willing to take a crack at a review. I have pretty much all of the potential competition available for comparison. See link in my sig to see if my review style might be what you are looking for.

Thanks for doing this by the way!
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I'd love to give the Monster Turbine Pro's a shot. I bought the first version and was impressed but it couldn't beat out my gamers. Love to see if the Pro's take it up a notch.
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I would be glad to review your new headphones. Please do count me in.
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I was never a fan of the cables, but I've read good things about the Turbines... Would like to see what the fuss about.
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I'm interested in trying them.
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It'd be nice to review a pair of IEMs. Haven't really had much experience with IEMs but I'm looking for another pair since my iM716's aren't too comfortable...
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I'm interesting in trying out and reviewing these.
I had looked at them in the past(the basic turbines) but opted for the IE6's instead. I'd also like to see how they'd stack up against my NE-7M's.
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I'd like to have the opportunity to try them out.
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Sounds like fun to try and review. I had the original Turbines and wasn't impressed. Maybe the Pro's are better.
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Pick me. I run a headphone-related business and have heard a wide array of cans, and have a wide array of test equipment.
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I'd love to be able to review them!
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I want to review it and/or compare to RE0 and ER-4S. Some more IEMs like IE8 and SA6 are also available for comparison. See my review of RE0 - My other reviews are in my sig. I also have plenty of sources and amps available, mostly portable.
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I would also like the opportunity to review the Turbine Pro - I own the original Turbine and would be able to make a good comparison.

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Make me a player. I have the music and the equipment ready. 80% positive I will buy the review pair if I can.
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I'd be interested in reviewing them. Got the first Turbines from Monster to review, and would love to see how these fare (although, the original Turbines are malfunctioning right now, still works well enough to do a comparo).
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