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I started a thread in the IEM forum on the Turbine Pros. The link is:
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I finally got a hold of the Turbine Pros! Jeez, only took me all of December to nab them.

Have them in my ears right now, and they are warm (sound-wise), but manage not to cover up any detail. It's pretty interesting. But they are definitely on the warm side. Still listening to Ryan Adams' "Heartbreaker" album in MFSL.

I also took unboxing pics from the get-go, so I'll upload them later on tonight.
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Good News: Surgery is done and I am recovered. Bad News: Still fluid in my ears.. should be better by next week.. stay tuned!
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I just posted my review here:

SoundMatters12, thank you so much for the chance to review these headphones. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and hope it helps others in some small way to make a more informed purchase decision.
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What I'd like to know is if Monster has any intention of possibly running a ridiculously shameless promotion any time soon and selling the Pro for like $100, sort of like what Amazon did with the UE TF-10. It'd go a long way in introducing the masses to this wonderful (so I've heard) sonic work of art. Heres to hoping Monster considers my challenge.
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The TripleFi 10 promotion was something that Amazon ran on their own. UE had no idea about it at all and didn't give any stock to amazon at a discount ( I know this as I went to the UE labs in Irvine, CA and talked to people there).

Unless a retailer as big as Amazon wants to do this, it won't happen from the manufacturer side.
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The Turbine Pros are amazing
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The Turbine Pros are better able to articulate bass and high frequencies than other monitors of this type that I have heard. The bass does not get in the way of the lower mids, so they maintain a speed to the sound without the smearing that can often ruin transparency. The bass goes deep and with a good source they give you the pace and excitement of the music.
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I have to agree, good stuff that lets you focus on the music. The detail across the spectrum is very good, with speed, detail, and naturalness that is unlike my BA IEMs. The Pros also reproduce the timbre of instruments incredibly well.
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I like them. Review posted here:
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I would love to reivew the new monster turbine pros and give an Aussies point of view!

I could compare them to my jh16 pros and 5 eb and shure se530. I love high quality dynamic headphones espeacially ones which deliver the full sound spectrum from deep tight lows to clear highs which from what I can see the turbines would be great new addition.

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