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Test Monster Turbine Pro Headphones!  

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Monster Cable is looking for Head-Fi community members to review our new Turbine Pro In-Ear Headphones! We will be giving out pairs of the headphones to 4 Head-Fi members to test out and comment on in the forum.

If you would like to be considered for this review opportunity, simply reply to this thread. Please note, all 4 reviewers will be selected one week from the date that this thread goes live.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for all of the great responses, feedback and submissions! Please note that while we will be keeping this thread open for the month, the review submission process is now closed. If you have been selected as a reviewer, we will be contacting you shortly. Thanks again for your interest in Monster and the Turbine Pros!
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I'd love to review a pair of Turbine Pro In-Ear headphones.
I'm always on the move, and have been using my Westone UM2's non-stop for a year now. If I'm picked I'll put my best effort into a review
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I would like to review and compare them with my high end universal iem collection. Would be interesting to see how they stack up against the competition.
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Wouldn't mind giving them a shot .
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I'd like to write up review. Hope you pick me =)
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I'd love to, though my post count isn't much
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i for one would love to give them a go and see how they compare to my other IEM's
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Would love to give them a whirl. I have UE11s, Shure E530 IEMs to compare with. Also have a Ray Samuels Shadow, ALO Jena Cryo Dock Line Out with Lossless AIFF files on an IPOD 5.5g 80gig. Thanks! Also, please check my profile for other gear I have.
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If you would like a review from the standpoint of a 15 year old, I'm your guy. I'll be flaunting these in a school full of iPod owners as well, and have plenty of time to review them after school, and in gym (iPods are allowed in gym )
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I would also appreciate the chance to test-drive and evaluate these interesting IEM's in a concise and evenhanded review. I have heard several good things about them - now I would like to hear for myself, straight from the Monster's mouth!

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Definitely interested in being one of the reviewers.
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Hmmm, interestingly enough, I own the Turbines and have since left them in my drawer for a pair of RE0's, as I felt the Turbines, while pretty good, were not comfortable at all. The RE0's, however, don't give me enough bass punchiness(or at least not yet), so I've been thinking about giving the Turbines another go, once the Comply T400 eartips arrive.

I'm definitely interested to see how they fare against it, I'm assuming, younger brother.
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I would be interested in writing a thorough review on these, thanks.
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I would be Honored to test them out.. Im sort of new here but have great ebay and for PC feedback and this site is my new home. lol

I'd totally try out Monsters new and Improved headphones, I never heard the first Turbines but id like to finally hear your sound signature. I just finished wiring my car stereo with all monster so I usually love your products.

Thanks for the Opportunity Monster!
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Yeah do send it my way. I never understood why Monster is overpriced or is it ? See what I did there?
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