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Originally Posted by nickyboyo View Post
So when are you going to post your review or ideas with regards to the T3? After all your 100 hour hype and references to various reviewers methods, approaches and your seemingly stoic belief that their views should be applicable to all across the board, it seems strange that you can make such comments as above.

I am glad you seem to be enjoying your latest purchase, but further explanation of your thoughts and views in the relevant thread/s would be of benefit to potential portable amp buyers and existing users. I agree with your views on fanboyism, but anyone with the slightest modicum of common sense should be able to sort the chaff from the grain when reading through the various posts.

Happy listening and happy typing
I have already posted my *impressions* in said thread, and I'll post further impressions where I damned well like. Most of the views expressed in that thread are no more a 'review' than this thread, and I think I made that pretty clear previously.
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Nice reply, i see what you mean when you made a point in the actual T3 thread that most people take an instant dislike to you. Drop the attitude and pull your head in. Good luck and adios amigo.
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Look at the title of this thread and remind me what your contribution was ? I posted extensively on my experience with the RE0 and an amp - not the E5, granted, but an amp nonetheless. You've charged in, accused me of something, taken issue with my response and flipped me the bird on your way out. Lets just agree to work on addressing the thread in question from this point forward.
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Originally Posted by estreeter View Post
IA rather large plate of it, and the b*stards havent even taken the feathers off.
That was good.
Well written.
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I know I'm new here, but not to hifi or headfi. I think I know something about what sounds good.

Like was said earlier: the RE0 doesn't need it, but it's a very nice addition. The RE0 sounds very good with a very neutral balance. The only minor flaws I can come up with is a slight rise at around 5kHz and a mild bass and treble falloff at <75Hz and >15kHz. Nothing bad or annoying, but rather natural. The bass rolloff is very much less than most speakers.

The E5 is really a no-brainer in my experience. I got it for $18 at DX. It is tiny, doubles as a volume remote and the small bass-boost gives the RE0 just a little lift in the right place. On SQ other than just bass; listening on my pc I can't tell the difference if the E5 is in between or not (only with low or no signal maybe a little hiss).
And, depending on source power stability, it serves more like a buffer than really an amplifier. I mean, it's only like a few dB boost. Not even twice as loud.

I have even compared the E5 on my DT880 250Ohm with the Relyon KT88 tube amp and the E5 held up pretty brave. It didn't sound worse, just different. Like the difference between a tube and an opamp. At 7% of the cost.

If you want high-end; buy an electrostatic HP or a really good stereo. If you want very good hifi that can still satisfy a spoiled audiophile like me <$100: get the RE0 with the E5.
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I know the E5 will significantly raise volume. I'm sure my severely volume limited Archos 5 will not have enough volume for movies. After all it is 8.6mW vs 150mW from the E5.

I just did some calculations, and it confirmed that I must buy an amp. Compared to my Shure E2c (105dB, 16ohms), the RE0 is 17dB less efficient (100dB, 64ohms)
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I'm hearing all kinds of things about amps improving sound quality and how better amps provide better SQ. I also heard poor amps can be worse for the sound quality.

If I pair a E5 to my Archos 5 to my RE0, will the sound quality be at least the same? My first priority is to boost volume, and sound quality is just icing on the cake.
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Bass will increase but it will cut down the detail at the high end, not significantly many will not be able to tell. I will be really honest here, I don't see the point with pairing the RE0 with the E5, sometimes I don't even bring my E5 along. It's a good amp, it does what it does for it's price. But, if you want an amp that will make significant difference to your RE0, look higher in the price bracket, starting at $100.
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I'm not looking to gain sound quality. I didn't even think of buying an amp until I found out that my Archos will not provide enough power to the RE0. That's why I wanted an E5. It is very small (very important), and it is cheap.
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the Archos should be able to power the RE0, what makes you think the Archos can't?
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Originally Posted by mythless View Post
the Archos should be able to power the RE0, what makes you think the Archos can't?
EU volume limits the power output to 8.6mW.

For music it might be just enough, but for movies it will not. Movie audio require a 15dB boost to achieve the same level of dB.

There is no way around the volume limit.
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