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Close, conference at MSRI (up the hill). [Actually, a semester long program in my research area but I have to teach so I cannot stay the whole semester.] No talks on the weekend though.
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Depending on what the final date set is I should be able to make it.
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I'd be excited to come check out the meet! I'm new to the head-fi scene, leaving me all the more eager to meet some people and hear some new gear.

If someone needed a ride from Berkeley I could probably help out...
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I have never been to a meet and would love to go and check out some cans and portable amps.
Count me in and the pub sounds great!
I live in gilroy so anyone needing a ride from Santa Clara Co let me know.
All I ask is that you answer a lot of questions from a newbie.
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I can attend.
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any dates, either location work for me. thx.
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