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Up for sale is my favorite pair of cans ever, portable or not. These should need little introduction, so if you don't know about them, do a search and see why they're so highly regarded. However, the JH-13 does trump it and I find I'd rather have the money then a pretty headphone to decorate my room with.

They are in mint condition, no scratches or damage anywhere. The pictures were taken with the sun directly behind me so the spots/dots you see are just dust particles and lighting off the shiny coat (I've applied a wood protector once to gloss it up and make it look purty)

I wish to sell these with the HPP5 case which I used for travel/protection whenever its not on the stand. The stand in the picture is also for sale which I'll let go for an additional $20 .

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PM sent!
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forgot to mention.. original box/pouches/papers will be included as well of course.. everything that it came with
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How can I buy it? I am in California, and I would like to pay by paypal. Email me please
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I can't believe these are still here! These cans are amazing, people, c'mon!

Bo's a good boy; he likes burgers
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Haha thanks Pat

These are now Sold to a very lucky person from the netherlands.
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