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Alessandro MS-1 vs Shure SRH-840?

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I am looking to purchase either the Alessandro MS-1 vs Shure SRH-840, but can't decide. My Equation RP-21 recently broke and now I am shopping for a new pair of headphones. The majority of music that I listen to is rock (every type of rock imaginable) and then the occasional techno/ trance. I have a xfi-xtreme music sound card and a nubile mobile icon amp, which from what I've read should be enough to power the Alessandro's, but what about the Shure's? I am finding it tough to decide on which headphones I want, I like the Shure's because they are closed and they are suppose to be comfortable, whereas the Alessandro's are suppose to be godlike for rock. I also watch a lot of shows and movies.
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I love both, but if you are a rock fan and you also aren't using an amp, per say, I would go with the most affordable, safest option: the MS-1i. Every discerning Junior Head-fi'er needs one in their (soon to be growing exponentially) collection!
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Sampson_smith has the advantage of having both, but I only have the MS-1i and love it. I've seen good reveiws of the Shure SQ, so your decision may come down to whether you want/need any isolation. The MS-1i is open, the SRH-840 is closed.
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Two completely different cans. Really what you want more. Isolation and laid-back sound, with huge bass? Shures. Insanely fun, in your face open sound? Alessandros.

FWIW: the Shures will be better as an all-rounder cans, and the amp should power both sufficiently.
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I own the MS-1 and just purchased a pair of SRH840 yesterday. I thought SRH840 would do well in the genres MS-1 lacks in. However, if you are only going to listen to rock, I can vouch that MS-1 excels in them. I am not a big fan of MS-1 for techno though, because it feels too fatiguing.
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how are the MS-1's for less "trancey" electronica? I like the sound of them but am worried that they're really tuned more for fast, attacking guitar rock than slower and warmer electronic music. In other words, will they do Zero7 as well as AC/DC?
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They'll do Zero 7, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Tosca, Thievery Corporation, Mr Scruff, 9 Lazy 9, The Cinematic Orchestra, Air, DJ Food, DJ Shadow and early Four Tet rather well. I'm mean, that is, if you're "into" that sort of stuff.

Not so good for the Paul Oakenfold arena trance-style material, though.
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I appreciate the input, but the more I think about it, the Shure's will be the "safer" purchase for me right since I do need some isolation from my surroundings and they are the better all around cans. Being a Uni student I don't have a lot of disposable income, but I will probably end up purchasing the Alessandro's and modifying them sometime down the road.

Quick question, st4r0c3an and sampson_smith you guys are both from Canada, where did you guys purchase your Shure's and how much did you pay for them?
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I got mine for approx. $150 plus shipping through a friend who did a group buy. But you can get them for $129 earphone/headphonesolutions.com. I think they offer free shipping, but perhaps using UPS or FedEx which incurs duty/brokerage charges. Gotta love that USPS!

They are great for most forms of electronic music and some hip-hop, by the way.
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I once went for a "safer" can (the Senn 595) and ended up returning them for a pair of Grado SR125is. If you can, go somewhere and demo a few cans. That's what I did when I ended up landing on my Grados. Don't forget to bring a DAP.
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I own both the Ms1 and the Shure 840's. My opinion is the Ms1 as it is cheaper and more dedicated to rock. But it does however lack in the sound isolation.
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I just bought the Shures for $125 after being on the verge of buying the Alessandro MS-1i. I'm hoping they'll work OK for rock (they can't be worse than my crummy old Sennheisers). It was quite a deal that I couldn't pass up considering all the nice reviews I've been reading. I may yet pick up the Alessandro MS-1i for those times I wanna let rip (and let the sound leak out).
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wordfool, where did you buy the shures for $125?. In headphonesolutions these are on sale for $199.
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Originally Posted by pterodactilo View Post
wordfool, where did you buy the shures for $125?. In headphonesolutions these are on sale for $199.
would also be interested in this... thanks!
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I stumbled upon an open box offer on earphonesolutions... $129 plus a further 3% special discount that day together with free shipping. Allegedly they were unused and only taken out of the box for product shots.

earphonesolutions has more "open box" specials for $149 now plus a 15% "cyber-monday" discount, which takes it down to about the same price.
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