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Originally Posted by cbeaumont001 View Post
Hey Sonic 748i, can you comment on the difference the TWag cables made for you using the JH13's? Everything I hear is that they should almost be an automatic purchase, but my wallet's definitely hurting from my JH16 purchase last night.

I'm going to be using a similar set up to the one you posted above: iMod 5.5G --> iMod Silver Cryo LOD --> ALO Rx --> JH16. I'm just wondering if I should think seriously about adding SE TWag's in there or wait and do a Protector/Balanced TWag

Hey cbeaumont001, The TWag single end cable greatly improves soundstage width, height and depth. It improves instrument separation and detail retrieval. The bass gains some presence as well as improved texture and it tightens up a bit. The vocals now sound a lot more natural and transparent. The treble becomes smoother yet extends further and has a natural decay. Going back to stock cable is huge downgrade. One thing though, the TWag cable needs 300 hours of burn in. I personally didn't believe in cable burn in until the TWag came in my life. The sound improved so much from day 1.

I no longer have my TWags ( 48" cable and LOD ) anymore since I sent them off to be reterminated by Craig over at Whiplash Audio. The 48" cable will come back to me with the balanced connector for the RSA Protector and the iPod LOD will come back as a 3.5mm to 3.5mm for my HiFiMAN to RSA Protector connection. I will post up a review and comparison to my ALO Rx. But, if you wanted to know, I prefer the ALO Rx single end to the Protector single end.
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That's nice to hear about the Rx vs Protector SE. I think I'll probably enjoy my 16's with the stock cable for a while, then down the road have to make the difficult (i.e. expensive) decision of whether I go Balanced TWag + protector or keep the Rx and just upgrade the cable. Everything you say about the TWag sure makes it hard to resist. I'll just have to wait and see...
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Just wanted to check up on this thread. How time flies. What I love is that the UM3x is still a great earphone, the Rx is still my benchmark for absolute performance with a wide variety of earphones/headphones, but there are so many choices today, more so than there were in 2009 and 2010, which already trumped 2006 (when I started posting at HF) where the choices could be counted on a couple of hands tops. I've got the National plugged into my ears now and am loving it. It has what I think I can call the ALO house sound, which is a-okay with me. It's so nice staying in the family.

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Yeah, I absolutely loved my Rx... Right up until a couple weeks ago when it stopped charging. Yeah, plugging it in with the wall-wart won't light the charging led anymore. :/

Ken can't help since the device is "end of life" and the designer, Mr. Matt MacBeth AFAIK, isn't with the company anymore.

I should try a universal adapter and see if the charger has just burned out...

I doubt anyone out there has experienced this one?

And thanks btw, shigzeo, for resurrecting such a grand ole' thread. The Rx has served me very well for quite some time.
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Thanks for the vote, thread! That is a shame to hear. Isn't MacBeth part of Cypher? I may be confused, but I thought so. All my dealings with them have been great, I hope you'll find a way to resurrect your Rx. 

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It was my understanding at CanJam 2010 that Matt MacBeth, designer of the Rx, was behind the (then current) design of the revolutionary and exciting JHAudio JH-3A.

But this is an entirely different story. smily_headphones1.gif
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Haha, I obviously have no idea what I'm talking about! I hope it is just your charger. The Rx costs a pretty penny, so the amp gone would be rough. Anyway, thanks for the update. I see quite a few original Rx here in Japan, though the Rx II is quite 'big' here too ;)

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