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Corda Arietta & Beresford TC-7510 mk6

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Looking to sell some amps/dacs I've since upgraded from.

Corda Arietta Headphone Amp. Bought this from Pangaea over a year ago and have since upgraded to a Graham Slee Novo. Synergized extremely well with my Darth V3s and a great little amp overall. Highly rated. In great condition and comes with a power cable.

Asking $200 shipped to US.

Beresford TC-7510 mk6 DAC/Amp. Also bought this over a year ago from number1sixerfan and was my first foray into DACs. Since upgraded so looking to let this go. Comes with an AC adapter and can probably find a optical toslink to throw in. Great DAC, really opened my ears up to higher quality rips.

Asking $90 shipped to US.

No trades, PayPal welcome (preferably checking funds).
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bump for sexy pics
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PMs replied to.
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Would you send Beresford to UK?
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beresford still on market?
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