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ESW9 w/ APS Portable recable & stock DT770-80 Pro

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Looking to sell some extra headphones I'm not using much.

Audio Technica ESW9 w/ 4' APS Portable recable to 1/8" plug (which I believe is Switchcraft) w/ black nylon. Purchased this from twofiveone less than a year ago and while I love the sound for certain genres, I find myself using my IEMs more frequently. Cleaning house so these have to go. And these are real (with photos to prove). In great condition otherwise. Comes with original box, bag, warranty papers.

Asking $260 shipped to US (APS recable goes for ~$80).

Beyerdynamic DT770-80 Pro, stock, lightly used, maybe 200 hours, originally purchased new on eBay from sounddesignsaudio. I have a pair of Darth V3s that I love and wanted to hear what the stock versions sounded like for use in my office but ended up keeping the Darths at work. Light scuffs on the lettering but otherwise in like new condition. Comes with original box, warranty papers.

Asking $130 shipped to US.

No trades, PayPal welcome (preferably checking funds).
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Tentatively interested. Do you ship to Europe?
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Originally Posted by Solan View Post
Tentatively interested. Do you ship to Europe?
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Open to it, just not sure how much shipping costs/whats the preferred courier. Send me a PM and I'll see what I can work out.
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What do you think the recable has done to the sound?
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would ur beyer 770 Pro be a good upgrade over my ATH AD500s
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I have one question. Can I reterminate this with a 4-pin XLR to make it balanced?
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PM sent.
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PMs replied to.

xguntherc: Never heard the AD500s but they're open air, vs the DT770s which are closed, so there's probably a smaller soundstage on the DT770s. Bass (especially the deep/throbbing kind) excel on the DT770s w/ recessed mids and warmer treb. Otherwise I'm sure they're better overall but you should search around head-fi for better answers.

P4Z: I'm sure it'd be easy to reterminate into an XLR, though I've only done my own 1/4" plugs. Its all soldering the connector and finding a proper sheath/shrinkwrap.
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