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Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post
the 800 may not be the best headphone out there, but it certainly sounds better to me than most other headphones/systems i've heard. except for an HP1000 or R10, i can't think of a dynamic headphone i would prefer or like as much as the 800.
My experience with R10 and 800 leads me to an opposite conclusion. I agree with your premise, but, unlike your finding, I find R10 to be more musical than 800. However, given the price delta, it's a tougher call on what I actually "prefer". I think I prefer more money in my wallet over less

Originally Posted by Abstraction View Post
What are you saying? As I read you, it says you prefer an HP1000 or R10 to an 800, but you seem not to own either of these immensely cheaper cans?
If I were you, I would do more reading before posting this nonsense.
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Originally Posted by Abstraction View Post
What are you saying? As I read you, it says you prefer an HP1000 or R10 to an 800, but you seem not to own either of these immensely cheaper cans?
What are you saying?
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Originally Posted by Mambosenior View Post
Those of you on the fence about the HD-800: Please read as much as you can get through here and then "go listen to one."...

Those of you who have been shaking your heads at some of the comments on this thread because you are not hearing the faults others have enumerated about this headphone; you are not crazy or techno-musically illiterate. The divide is simply that we all have different expectations of what constitutes good sound and a satisfying musical experience.
I totally agree with this. One of the big complaints from some Head-Fiers in this thread is that the HD800 is not musical. I'll be the first to admit that I've always had trouble with the concept of musical vs. analytical, especially since some people feel a headphone can only be one or the other. From the stickied glossary:

Analytical - Highly detailed.

Musical (or musicality) - A sense of cohesion and subjective "rightness" in the sound.

For me, the HD800 is both.
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Originally Posted by K3cT View Post
Very nice post, Larry. Perhaps a tube equivalent of the B22 will do the HD800 much more justice. It was borderline dry with the balanced B22.
Originally Posted by wink View Post
K3cT said:-
"Very nice post, Larry. Perhaps a tube equivalent of the B22 will do the HD800 much more justice. It was borderline dry with the balanced B22."

Perhaps a better source/DAC is indicated?
Yes, it could be the combo of the DAC and Amp that makes a difference in synergy. When I spoke of the ZDT having good synergy with the HD800, I neglected to mention that using the Apogee mini-DAC with the ZDT/HD800 is better than the PS Audio DLIII feeding that same rig, where the PS Audio does make the HD800 sound drier than the Apogee.

Still, with the right tubes and cables the "dry" combo is still acceptable (as people stated when they tried my rig at RMAF). That sound from the PS Audio DAC is a good match for my K1000/ZDT when used with a Sylvania gold pin 5751, or my O2 Mk1/GES with some Telefunken tubes. But using the HD800 with that combo of DAC/Amp/Tubes is a bit bright or dry. I either have to return to the stock cable, or swap the Sylvania for a darker sounding GE 5751 to be just right with HD800, but then making it too dark for the K1000.

Now, I have actually heard Naamanf's Buffalo DAC feeding a balanced B22 and KGBH at my home at a meet at my home in February, and it was a great combo for the K1000 and O2 Mk1. But knowing from experience how a rig that is perfect for my K1000 is too dry or bright for the HD800 (as above), I can see how that could sound dry to K3cT with HD800. Unfortunately the HD800 weren't available for me to try them with the Buffalo/B22 back then.

Originally Posted by Orcin View Post
Thank you, Larry, for providing the explanation that I have been searching for through 16 pages of ideas. I am going to go with this answer and declare that the debate is over for me. The audience is standing and applauding. The contestants are leaving the podium.

The rest of you can continue...
I think many people here have already been saying that synergy and preferences account for a lot of the opposing opinions of various gear.

I will concede that if one tries many different rigs with a particular headphone, without finding synergy with more than 1 or 2 out of 6-10 combos, that the fault probably lies with the headphone. I had that problem with the IE8 where they could sound fantastic out of my Pico DAC > ALO Amphora, and the sound was to die for, but I could not enjoy it with 10 other portable amps and several different kind of iPods/iPhones. If they could sound that good with even half of my other gear I would have kept them, but most of the time the bass was too overpowering above the mids and highs with most of my other gear.
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Beta 22 - Sabre32 - HD800 Impression

I've been listening to this combo for 3 months or so. I'm enjoying it immensely with some genres. Let me explain, the rigs a detail monster, recordings that have a lot going on tend to trip up, and sound a little one dimensional and etched - hence the dry comment.
Overall it's a superb rig, like everything it's not perfect - it's a minor quibble in the grand scheme of things.
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I tried the HD800 and decided after one month of intense listening both with tubes and solid state sources not a phone at the $1400.00 price. My K1000 and RS1i has a far better presentation.
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Hey Johnwmclean are you balanced with that B22?
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Originally Posted by dallan View Post
Hey Johnwmclean are you balanced with that B22?
Yes dallan it’s balanced.
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Wonderful, I got a chance to hear a balanced B22 into the HD800s twice and both times I was impressed with the presentation.
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johnwmclean said:
Put your specs on wink, post 225 K3cT states he used a Buffalo 24. .

My bad, john - I missed that.
Well, that narrows it down to the source and his ears.
I'll take a stab at the source.
I'm not sure john would say " 'ear, 'ear. "
Maybe a buffalo 32 is indicated?, or interconnects, power cables, aftermarket headphone cable, line conditioner, hair spray, ear de-wax, etc, etc.
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Dry is not necessarily a bad thing on retrospect. I'll prefer that kind of sound for classical or electronica.
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I compared tonight O2v1 + 007tii tube amp against HD800 + Hlly 3 tube amp (equivalent of Little Dot IV).

I prefer Stax on every music I tried ... was easy pick for me.

HD800 is too neutral (boring) for me. Lack "tap foot" and human heat that make me want listening all the CD ...
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