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Originally Posted by scompton View Post
LSD is one drug that enhanced music listening for me.
Same here. I'm not sure if enhanced is the right word, but it certainly made it different. oO

Its the kind of drug I'd recommend trying in a dark room while you are away from cords, and the door is locked and you are on the ground floor, of course .
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MJ + Music = AWESOME....but yes too much of MJ is bad for you, but that's like saying too much of anything is bad for you. The AMA (American Medical Association) recently released a statement...

"“Marijuana’s Schedule I status is not just scientifically untenable, given the wealth of recent data showing it to be both safe and effective for chronic pain and other conditions, but it’s been a major obstacle to needed research.”"

AMA Calls for Review of Medical Marijuana’s Legal Status

We need more official organizations to study medical marijuana PERIOD.

LSD is a psychedelic drug and not everyone can handle that mind trip. There's a saying that goes something like "you do not look for LSD, it finds you when the time is right". For most people who have taken it, it had a dramatic change in their life (made them realize or see their life from a different point of view). But like any drug, you must have some idea on what it does and how it works before you try it or else you will trip bad.

*LSD usage is very popular with older rock music.
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
hahaha, after weed containing nicotine, now you're saying that it can lead to gynecomastia? canned tuna includes chemicals that can increase the risks of gynecomastia, but weed?

gynecomastia cannabis - Google Search
I am because of certain studies. The study you quoted from was done in 1977 that did not show a correlation and it seems to be one with a small sample size. I said possibly because I know quite a few stoners who have no such complications. No doubt that it could have something to do with bad eating habits while under the influence and the bodies predilection on where it stores fat. I said possibly, because it definitely has not been proved. Yes, I was wrong about the nicotine. You didn't see me deny that though. You definitely do not have to tell me about the stigma against it in the US.
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genuine gynecomastia is not fat(that's adipomastia), it's a genetical disease(men are not supposed to have mammary glands in the first place)...mostly inherited from your genetic legacy and/or major hormonal hiccup/cancer. Ah well, canned tuna runs a much higher risk than the green IMHO if someone's at risk.

But there's no question that cannabinoids screw up with your immune/hormonal and nervous systems(and so do alcohol/coffee/tobacco)...and noone's got a clue what it can do to ANY specific individual depending on his genetic legacy...100% agreed.

you're free when you don't depend on any of these to live a happy life and enjoy music...the more you need them, the weaker you are.
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