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hummm weed contains nicotine? source?

THC is not highly adddictive, but mix it w/ tobacco and it will...and most ppl in Europe roll spliffs full of cigarette tobacco and crap quality haschich from Marroco...the famous "soap bar", which contains camel poo and so on.

indeed eating or vaporizing it is your best option.

just like some ppl have a drinking problem, some have a smoking problem...I can spend 6 months w/o doing either of these, some ppl cannot spend ONE day or several hours w/o being drunk or high. I used to work w/ ppl who were drinking several beers at 7AM before working. Should I categorize all the ppl who like to drink beer as worthless individuals?
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As someone who had to go though rehab to kick smoking pot, I'd say MrGreen's chart is accurate. Although, for me, it was psychological addiction as much, if not more, than physical addiction.

A few times, pot enhance listening to music for me. More often than not, it didn't.
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I also agree that the chart is accurate. The clear fact is that marijuana falls to the lower left of the spectrum, and is part of the "less addictive/less hazardous" light-orange pool. Just because it is in the proximity of a much more potent, dangerous drug like LSD, doesn't mean that THC is essentially dangerous and deserves to be maligned. Look at where the two are placed in relation to alcohol and tobacco.

I feel for you scompton, but I also agree that it was likely a psychological, lifestyle-based addiction. That said, glad that you kicked it!
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It can be slightly addicting as it does contain an amount of nicotine.
Stop with this nonsense. It does not contain nicotine. Goddammit where are you coming up with this stuff.


Chart looks legit.
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Seriously, acjdef, it can cause cancer. Pot-smokers aren't as likely as cigarette smokers to develop cancer only because they smoke far less by volume. If there are people who smoked 24 joints a day for 15 years, they'd almost surely develop lung cancer. Be careful with using a simple Google search to explain your point of view; it's not always so effective. One Wash. Post article, one WebMD article, and 219,998 pro-cannabis website articles does not mean truth.

Nice graph, Mr. Green, it puts it into perspective pretty well.
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
hummm weed contains nicotine? source?
Your right, it does not.

I also had no idea there was rehab for pot.
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When you eat it or vaporize it, there's really no argument at all against marijuana. Even a fresh water pipe has very low heat smoke.
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acrylic water pipes are very dangerous due to highly carcinogenous fumes...and THC is far from harmless, again.
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huauhahuahahuahahua look at that bus with his high beams and his ho-*splat*
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Y'all are ridiculous.

1. Alcohol and music go freaking awesome together. It seriously blows my mind that nobody else here seems to agree with this. Maybe it makes it more difficult to sit around staring intently at the wall while "critically listening",but there's not a whole lot that beats getting drunk and cranking London Calling.

2. What the hell are y'all talking about? I understand this is the internet, and this is 2009 and there's a lot of young gentlemen on these boards, but seriously, enough of the pro-weed propaganda. Doesn't cause lung cancer? You could show me a million ****ty sources that say this and it wouldn't matter. Get real dude, that's completely ridiculous.

I understand you like to get high, man, and that's fine, but don't be a tool about it.
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I'm surprised no one mentioned the IMO one of the worst adverse effects of both. Bud can possibly lead to man boobs from a few studies. On the other hand, for women, a few studies have also hinted that this and alcohol may help increase bust size. I'm wondering if it has to do with eating habits being correlated to those as well.
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hahaha, after weed containing nicotine, now you're saying that it can lead to gynecomastia? canned tuna includes chemicals that can increase the risks of gynecomastia, but weed?

gynecomastia cannabis - Google Search
another study of the relationship between gynecomastia and cannabis smoking among men showed no association between the two
you know, THC can actually give heart seizures to rats...did it even occur on humans? and cannabis in the US is very much frowned upon(mexican imports?), so there'll always be someone to tell you that it can drive you nuts, make you jump out of the window, kill your family...these propaganda movies from the 50's are all over youtube I'm sure
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now, that's good news! for a change

Active Chemicals in Cannabis Inhibits Prostate Cancer Cell Growth

cannabis can actually heal if you don't smoke it 24/7, like many homeopathic herbs.
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Originally Posted by Qonmus View Post
Y'all are ridiculous.

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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
so there'll always be someone to tell you that it can drive you nuts, make you jump out of the window, kill your family...these propaganda movies from the 50's are all over youtube I'm sure
Yeah Reefer Madness is always going to be popular with stoners.

The most common negative reaction I've seen with pot is paranoia, and everyone I knew who had that reaction, hated smoking and didn't do it.

LSD, on the other hand, can do strange things to some people. I remember having to sit on someone for 6 hours because he was convinced he could fly and wanted to go out a 6 story window. I knew a number of people who were totally screwed up by LSD. I always had a great time on it, but it's not something I'd recommend for everyone.

Edit: LSD is one drug that enhanced music listening for me.
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