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It's good to be back!

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I've been rather distant from the Head-Fi scene for a long time... probably close to two years now. In the height of my rig, I'd like to think I had a respectable setup. I had a Melos SHA-1, and the cans I mainly used were D2000's and MS-2.

Over the past few years a lot changed for me -- I quit school, moved twice, got married... in the process all of my headphones got sold off. I didn't have time to sit and appreciate music and I couldn't justify the cost of keeping them.

My money situation finally came around last month, and that, combined with new neighbors who are apparently allergic to the slightest trace of noise had me shopping for headphones again. I was going to get something cheap to tide me over, I was thinking the AD700's.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the D2000's on Amazon for $214. With my prime account, having them overnighted gave me a grand total of $221. Couldn't pass it up! FedEx dropped them off maybe an hour ago - and I've been rediscovering all over again why I liked these cans so much. It's been a long time coming - but I'm so glad to have a nice set of headphones again.

No need to apologize about my wallet - last time I got into this scene I was single. I don't think I'll be able to get too spendy on this hobby again - I already got the "You want to spend how much?!?" speech yesterday for the headphones.
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Ha ha. Welcome back! A lot has changed since you left. Our appetites for expensive cans have increased. The money in our wallets, along with the economy, has plummeted!
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Congrats on the great buy.

For an interesting mod to your D2000, search "Beyerdynamic".
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I just got a pair of D2000s last week. I'm loving it so far. I'm wondering when and if I'll ever get tired of it.
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Great to hear that you enjoy being back!
..and congratulations with the D2000.
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Originally Posted by sampson_smith View Post
Ha ha. Welcome back! A lot has changed since you left. Our appetites for expensive cans have increased. The money in our wallets, along with the economy, has plummeted!
No surprise there. I do see some interesting new cans. HD800 and the new grados... when did those show up! Last I heard about the HD800 it was nothing but speculation.

The D7000 was news to me too... too bad i'll never have em
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Me neither on the D7000's, but all this D2000 talk has got me quite interested. What would you say their strengths are, Gil and roker? Are they pretty sturdy and good for isolation? Sorry to get off topic...
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Welcome back Gil. I'm in a similar situation as far as being away from Head-Fi. Just returned after a multi-year haitus due to priorities changing. My headphones, amps, and sources have stayed with me during that time, however within a month of lurking here I've purchased an HF5, a pair of Grado SR225i, and now I'm looking at maybe getting a new amp and selling off some of my gear to fund it. It's good to know that hanging out at Head-Fi reliably manages to drain one's wallet of dollars whether you want to part with the cash or not. It just happens. One of the universe's more reliable constants if you ask me.
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Isn't it the only constant? I am sure there are equations, Venn diagrams and pie charts to prove this!
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I have no idea who you are but SUPPPPPPPPPPPPP
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I joined a month ago or so, anyways! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome back! Lots of new goodies to drool over. Congrats on your denons.
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Some of the "heavyweights" have been shot down. Singlepower is a dead product because of their outright stealing and lying as well as poor and outright dangerous builds.

Xin hasn't been heard from for a few years, holding many member's monies.

Both still take orders.

You can see, Head Fi has brought on sponsors.

Some of the really cool members have gone for various reasons.
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And a lot of really cool members have recently joined!
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FWIH sell ALL your gear...hock your car and buy the JH-13's. Neither my gear nor my cars (plural) will fund the purchse....lol
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