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Vitor Teixeira

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Vitor purchased a pair of JVC Victor FX500 earphones from me. He was a very cautious buyer who was full of questions. Most importantly, he was also a very prompt payer! I'd be happy to deal with him again.
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Vitor purchased my Image X10s. Prompt and courteous, I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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Vitor bought PK1 earbuds from me. I must admit that this deal wasn't the best experience for him, and that's because of me. not to go in too much detail, it took me some time to mail the package (I really worked over time that week) but that's not an excuse. anyway it even took the package a little more than a week to arrive and vitor was very patient about all those
issues. (ofcourse I will know better next time ) vitor responed to massages fast and without too much delay, he means buisness!

I will be more than glad to do buisness with him again.
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Sold a set of IEMs to Vitor. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Communication was courteous and efficient and he paid very quickly once we settled on the terms. He was also extremely patient with the painfully slow international shipping. Highly recommended buyer and a great head-fier - I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
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bought tf10 from Vitor. A nice and patient guy, thanks for the great headphone.
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Bought a pair of SE420's, Fiio E5 and an LOD for Vitor. A cool and patient guy, thanks for everything!
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Just finished a deal with Vitor, and he was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Quick and corteous communication, fast shipping, item exactly as advertised.

I would be extremely glad to have the opportunity to deal again with him.

Thanks for the smooth deal, Vitor, and I'll think of you when I listen to my new LOD!

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i bought a Samsung i900 mobile phone from Vitor and it's been a pleasure dealing with him - he had tons of patience to give answers to ALL of my questions (even uploaded a video on youtube) and shipped the phone almost immediately after payment.
I would gladly deal with him again. i mean really
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Sold Vitor my Sony X1060. It took a bit longer than expected to arrive, but Vitor was very understanding. Hope to do business with him again !

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Purchased X10's from Victor. Great seller, fast shipping considering it was international.


I'm looking at you, Earsonics....

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Sold Vitor my ALO Audio Sony Walkman LOD. Fast payment. Great communication. Very good transaction.


I would not hesitate to do business again!!

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Sold an iphone to Vitor. Great communication and paid promptly. Would recommend!

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Sold Vitor my Cowon J3, and the transaction couldn't have gone any more smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other Head-Fiers.


Thanks Vitor!

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Sold a Grado 325is to Vitor. He is a very nice guy, our transaction was a quick one. He got the Headphone approx 5 days after. I wouldn't hesitate dealing with him again.
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Vitor was great to deal with.  I bought from him a couple of the items referred to above that he bought from someone else.  His communication was clear and prompt.  He shipped very quickly in a way that both of us could be assured that the items would arrive.  His descriptions of what I was buying were accurate.


I highly recommend Vitor.  I would be pleased to do business with him again.


Thanks, Vitor.

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