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You know whats interesting... I have an old Mac setup, a Quadra, running as a print server at the lab, running OS 7.5.3 I believe... last time I rebooted it? July I have no idea how that pos is running so long flawless... OS 8/9 I thought was far better than 7...
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Originally posted by Xevion
MACDef - OSX runs a different window manager, Aqua, which I would imagine is much less stable then the core OS. So when Aqua freezes (Which will be rare, yes), most people will just reboot ther computer.
But the difference between Aqua and a traditional window manager is that Aqua runs at a much lower level. I have yet to see Aqua crash, even through early beta cycles when *everything* crashed

As for OS9, sure it is reasonably stable when set up perfectly. Again, this isn't something that most people have the luxury of having.

I have used Macs for work, unfortunately most of them have had the unfortunate problem of only having 64MB of ram, and no matter how much I messed with the settings, I couldn't even make them reasonably stable running OS9 (I downgraded to 8.6 and it ran better).
Also quite true. OS 9 needs at least 128 MB.

I don't use macs a lot, but in my experience I like OS8/9 the least, would take Win9x over them
And I the opposite, which probably reflects our histories more than the OS's themselves

I am also a much more efficent multitasker on Windows because I am much more used to all of the commands, and the environment.
Exactly -- most people prefer what they learned or what they're familiar with. Which is one reason why it doesn't matter how much better OS X is than Windows 2K or XP; some people will never change.

Anyway, lets not make this a big battleground, if I really want that I can go post on Arstechnica, although it has been a long while since I have done that.
Ugh; there's nothing worst that people flaming each other over operating system. Especially since 99 times out of 100 neither side actually knows jack about the other
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