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IC: ALO Rx silver | Like new!

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IC on a silver with black faceplates ALO Rx I purchased from another head-fier few days ago for a comparison. Has about 150 hours or so, fully burned in. Excellent condition. Conus only. If I decide to sell, I'll be looking for $310 shipped, paypal personal payment marked gift unless you're willing to add a fee of 3%.

I have 100% flawless feedback.
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Bunch of inquiries but still available. Price drop to $310 shipped CONUS.
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Sale pending.
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Sorry for asking in such an old thread but, do you still have the ALO Rx for sale? If so, do you ship it to Singapore?

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I marked it sale pending but never updated the post.


Item was Sold long ago. Sorry.

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ok nvm, thanks anyway!

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