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Definitely WA22. Think about the tubes alone. It's on a different level. 

I didn't not try Sonnett nor hear them in a long extended session. With that said, I personally like the look of WA22 and the tube compliments. I also think WA22 is more capable of driving various types of phone than Sonnett. Try to try HE-5 with Sonnett. Even WA22 without more high power tube won't drive these types of phones. Sonnett would be much better suited for low impedance phones, just not versatile enough for me.

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Giving this thread a bump.  

I can't find much out there contrasting the WA22 and the DNA Sonett (especially the Sonett 2).  It seems the WA22 is a significantly more costly option (especially with tube upgrades) than the S2 and I am wondering how much of a sonic contrast there really is between these two amps.  


For the sake of this discussion, I'm specially going to be driving HD800's, so versatility is not a concern.


6Moons gushes over the balanced WA22 and both amps are very well respected and loved, so I realize that either option is pretty darn good.  I'm just hoping that someone has experience with both amps that can chime in.  At this level, I think it more comes down to personal preference than actual performance so I am looking for a characteristic evaluation.


Thank you in advance!

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I m very interested by this thread because i have the same question ...i m in trouble with this two amps ....


thanks for all

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