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I just bought a set of dvd+rw's and I was wondering if the dvd-rom on the a320n will be able to read dvd+rw?
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Yes, it will read them.... The question is weather or not it will write to them and that depends on the DVD drive. To know that you can go to "My Computer", right click on the drive, select properties and post back with the drive information. It should tell you in there what type of drive you have.
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Oh, I know its not a dvd burner. Its just a regular dvd-rom drive. Im using my gf's dell studio to burn the iso image to the dvd+rw for the a320n to read. It is an older computer so I didnt know if it would read dvd (+) rw.
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Your a320n may have a Philips or a Cyberdrive DVD-ROM drive. The Cyberdrive DVD-ROM drives that were available at the time of the a320n's manufacture are not compatible at all with DVD+RW media. And although Philips had many DVD+RW-compatible DVD-ROM drives, the one in your system may be a model which has trouble with DVD+RW media.

Also, which brand of DVD+RWs are you using? I hope they aren't Memorex, which gets its rewritable media mainly from manufacturers of dubious reputation. I was burned by that brand of rewritable CD-Rs, which degraded severely with each write/rewrite. So severely that some of the discs pooped out after just one write cycle. (Of course, a second rewrite appears to have been completed successfully, but when read on even a forgiving reader, constant and unrecoverable read errors developed.) The Sony and Verbatim brands of rewritable media that I used never degraded anywhere near this badly.
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