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Originally Posted by hockeyb213 View Post
Well if you are already set in your head of what you want then I guess this thread does not serve a purpose since you are not looking to change anything.
  1. Let people who still remember who I am, know that I'm still alive & well.
  2. Let everyone know how long my Sensas lasted, giving another data point on what you can expect in terms of lifetime from these earphones.
  3. Let everyone know I liked them enough to get another pair instead of other newer earphones on the market.
  4. Sharing my rationalization as to why I would again purchase this earphone instead of other options on the market.

The opening post wasn't, "Should I get this or not?".. It was just, "mine broke and I'm getting another one, this is what broke and how long it lasted."

Does a thread *have* to be a question on "what should I get?" to serve a purpose?
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Yeah, this is the first I've seen of Lindrone in 4 years. Nice knowing he's ok and doing well. Also, the Sensaphonics get little mention around here and he's a big supporter. And lastly, I think he was going to answer if the new pair sounds the same as the one he got 5 years ago.
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I got my new Sensa today... they shipped the wrong cable, I got the field replaceable cable instead of the integrated version. I'm not sure if it was just a mistake on their side, or maybe it was because 60" cables aren't available w/ integrated option (the standard is like 54" or something).

However, right now I'm leaning towards keeping the cable as the way they are.. They're not quite as obtrusive and ugly as I thought they would be (although the integrated option still looks sooo much better).

As for sound, initial thoughts after only about half hour...

The trebles seems to be clearer than the old Sensa I had, I don't know if this is just completely psychological. Overall, the same full, warm sound I've always liked. It's not that different from the original Sensa, if different at all.

The cables are much better quality, thicker, more sturdy and still soft & flexible. Especially the upper section after the crossover.
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I had the 2X-s and the right side went out twice in about 3 years. I am not sure why it's always have to be right side but I decided not to get it fixed as I wasn't too impressed with the sound. I would say it was just the average sounding IEM to me.

As for the comfort I don't believe I had any issue when I had them. It didn't even occur to me that I should have a fit issue with the custom until I got JH13. After about 4 month and multiple refits, I am still struggling...If it wasn't JH13's superb sonic performance and of course, money paid, I would have cracked the hard shell long ago.
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It's funny... I lost yesterday my UE-10 and came back here. I instantly thought about Lindrone and his Sensas. biggrin.gif

At the end of the day, from what I read, it seems the soft silicone is less resistant. My UE-10 were still going strong on Monday, when I last listened to them frown.gif

Being in Europe I'm considering ACS T1 and Stage 4 by Compact Monitors. Too bad I can't find good reviews.
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