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Need advice on new headphones (lurked for a while)...

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Hello, I am looking to purchase a new set headphones fairly soon. I've only owned a pair of Bose Triports, which I don't think are fantastic by any means, but they suffice, and a pair of Etymotic Er6i's. I loved the Er6i's for comfort and clarity (albeit they were not full-sized phones), but they were severely lacking in the bass department. I would prefer a pair of full-sized because they seem to add considerable depth to music in comparison to IEMs.

Primarily I use my headphones for commuting around campus and for leisure time on the computer. I listen to many types of music, so performance in all genres is key (specifically rock, metal, and electronic). I'm looking to spend around 200 max, and I want a pair of phones that won't require an amp to hold their own. Comfort is also a factor, as I have somewhat larger-than-normal sized ears, and wear glasses from time to time.

I've lurked around this place for a while searching through the forums and whatnot, but have found coming to a decision to be very confusing, so direct help is what I'm seeking now. Any suggestions or recommendations are highly appreciated.

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not sure why....many folks will view, but not comment. I'm no headphone guru, but Grado headphones have been well reviewed for several years and are a safe bet. Particularly if you stay with the SR-60 or SR-80 types. They can be moded to sound better or be more comfortable (or both).
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Audio Technica AD700 for your leisure time.
Audio Technica ES7's for portable use.

Both headphones will give you what you need.
Im leaning towards the ES7's cause its more portable than the AD700.
AD700's are particular for home use.
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Alessandro MS-1's, Sennheiser HD-25-1 II's, and Shure SRH-440/840's are all safe bets. If you want to go the really cheap route, Senn PX100's or Koss PortaPro's are also a fine way to go.
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Personally, I'd almost say that you're asking for too much based on your preferences. The problem with more expensive headphones is that as you spend more money, the need for amplification is greater. Also, I have yet to find a headphone that I like for all genres.

That being said, for what you are looking for and from what I have personally heard, I would look at the DT-770/80 for a larger amount of bass, the sony V6 (which may not fit well on your head...these are pretty easy to find for demo purposes), and the Denon D1001 (which will fit similar to the Triports). All of these would be good for commuter use, fairly easy to drive from laptops/DAPS, and would offer more bass than what you are currently receiving with the Er6i.

If anyone has a differing opinion over what I posted (or even a suggestion that I missed) please help this person out.

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- larger-than-normal-ears
- comfort important
- full-size required
- easy to drive with portables
- bass seemingly lacking in previous model

I'd probably suggest Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 ohm version), of which I haven't heard (I use the 250 ohm DT 770 Pro model, which is fantastic) but again you can get headphones with far less impedance and higher sensitivity than this model which should be far easier to drive to higher volumes with portables (but will probably sound worse doing it).

If you are hell-bent on full-size for your portable, which portable will be used to drive it? Some portables have really pathetic headphone outputs in which case I'd recommend scrapping the whole "full-size cans on portable" deal and just getting yourself a new pair of earbuds or simply using your existing ones.
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Koss ProtaPro!
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iGrados sound great. imho they are better than my ATH-A700's, cleaner sound with tautet, more tuneful bass.

I was well impressed.

I use 'red moon' by Turin Brakes as a test track, If you can follow the bass track, you are on to a winner....

Shame they had to go back due to being faulty
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sony mdr-sa3000
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I would recommend the ad700s but theyre not really portable, you may want to look into the hd555s theyre a little more aesthatically pleasing and not as big as the ad700s and sound pretty good unamped but not as good as the ad700s.

I would just get something like an ultrasone zino or Igrados for portable use or even the sr60is
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Ultrasone HFI-780's
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