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^Thanks rgs. They are now on the top of my list.

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Any other impressions about PS1000 vs RS1i? I too am interested in these rarely talked about high dollar Grados and haven't had the opportunity to hear them.

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It's been a while since I last had the RS1s, and have never tried the RS1i. From memory, the PS1000 and RS1 both have similar definition and sound signature, but the PS1000 widens the soundstage and pulls the sound away from the listener. The RS1, as expected, produced a very close sound, with a narrower stage. The highs may have been more noticeable as well. I think it is an easy choice, if you like a larger sound, go for the PS1000. If you don't want to spend so much or like the closer sound, the RS1 is great too!

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I liked the PS1000 (much more than the GS1000), but price tag and comfort issues are more than questionable. In respect of the sheer technical qualities (PRaT, resolution, blackness, soundstaging) it's still a typical Grado and thus not exactly a contender for HD800, T1 or other audiophile monsters. But in difference to those, you get tons of musicality and tiptoeing factor...


A "reasonable" PS1000 would cost 700ish and didn't have those two anvils as housings. I bet it would sell far better then, but Grado's earning would have to step down from "monstrous" to "remarkable".

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My RS1s sound completely different from the PS1Ks. The RS1s can be very bright and piercing and just seem to pass

whatever they get right to your ears (too accurately I think). They are only good with some sort of tone control to

keep the highs controlled, but that opens a can of worms.


The GS1000s are less aggressive to my ears than the RS1s, but they have a strange, overdone soundstage that

is a little artificial. I like them, but want something more honest. They sure are comfy and light, though.


The PS1Ks generate refined highs and make all but the worst recordings non-fatiguing and sweet.
I really think the PS1Ks are a big breakaway from the Grado house sound.

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There are a few things that are wrong with the PS1000.  They're too expensive.  They scratch up too easily.  The headband hasn't evolved to compensate for the greater width of the jumbo pads making them (like the GS1000) more prone to slip off.  That and the fact that Grado is bound and determined to stick with copper instead of silver (leading to the garden hose cable) and you've got the "reality check" issues.


But if we're going to be honest, let's lay all the cards on the table.  The PS1000 is the best-sounding Grado headphone in production.  If it lacks some of the high-mid sparkle of the RS1, that's because it doesn't have the same high-mid spike, a spike that may add detail to woody, reedy, natural, acoustic material, but which would drive sharp nails through the temples of anyone listening to alt rock or metal.


The PS1000 has a kick to it, around 100 Hz.  This isn't as good a fit for classical music but damned if it doesn't spice up rock, jazz, blues, country and pop.  If you're really a classical music buff, buy the HD800.  It's very analytical and goes out of its way to be balanced.  If you want to feel like you're at a concert, the PS1000 just melts away the frame and puts you in the music.  It's fantasic.  It's what the HF2 would be if the HF2 had better airflow and a wider cushion (the HF2 is darker than the PS1000, mostly because of the difference in cushions, though the size of the air chamber does make a difference).


Grado would sell a ton of these if it would simply drop the price to a cool grand.  It doesn't want to do that because that's where it put the price of the GS1000.  Given that this headphone has less mahogany than the GS1000, one wonders why it would cost more.  I think the $1,700 price tag is simply Grado's way of saying it sounds like two headphones: the $1,000 GS1000 and the $700 RS1.  That's the only rational explanation I can find for a $1,700 half-mahogany/half-aluminum headphone.  Even then, I find it a stupid one.  Grado made a fantastic-sounding headphone and then priced it so high, practically nobody could buy one.  


But those who say the PS1000 sounds bad are treading on thin ice.  It's hard to respond to such nonsense without wanting to say something abusive.  When these cans are brand new out of the box, without any real time taken for burn-in, they do sound stiffer and perhaps boomier, but that's pretty easy to fix: wear them and use them and let them burn themselves in.  The HF2 has the same issues.  So does the SR225i and the SR325is.  


The PS1000 has an exceptional quality to it.  If you have any issues with your equipment, it will sniff them out, but don't blame the headphone for that.  It will also sniff out less than stellar recordings.  But what you get in return is a crystalline presentation feels more live and more exciting than with the HD800.  Now, if you're running these with no headphone amp at all, be advised that the jumbo pads leak bass, so you may be experiencing a tonal imbalance as a result.  However, when hooked to a decent amp - and my M^3 was that - the presentation is amazing.  When I compared my PS1000s to my HD800s and my T1s, I still ended up favoring my PS1000s, though each can has an area in which it displays a competitive edge.  The HD800 has the largest soundstage and is therefore the best of the three for symphonic recordings where you want to feel like you're hearing the whole concert hall rather than that up-close-and-personal feel of the PS1000.  The HD800's soundstage bests even that of the T1, which had the best presentation for metal because of its "sunglasses."  For just doting on every note and really feeling like it's happening right in front of you, the PS1000 was far head of either top-can rival.


Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with the PS1000 should know what I'm talking about.  

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Originally Posted by Bilavideo View Post


But those who say the PS1000 sounds bad are treading on thin ice.  It's hard to respond to such nonsense without wanting to say something abusive. 

Hehe, I like this one. smily_headphones1.gif The PS1000 is in the top league as the HD800 or the T1 is.

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The PS1000's are way, way overpriced. 


So... unless you've got "money to burn" - you'll be very pleased with the RS-1's... provided... you are committed to matching them with the right source, and amp to optimize their sound quality. 


With the right source and amp, and with the tape mod around the outer edges of the bowl pads, the RS-1's have a relatively balanced sound, and do not have strident (piercing) highs.  There is no need for an EQ, or sound processor... if... you properly match them to the right source and amp.  And... they also have a fairly large soundstage with the tape mod and right set up.  

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If you love the Grado sound (as I do) just do it. I went from SR-80, to 325is, have the iGrados for lunchtime walks, and was contemplating everything in between as the next step but said f-it go for the PS1000. Very glad I did. 


My listening evenings must start out with closed phones due to TV addicted s/o. (Various Ultrasones depending on type of music). But when the TV goes off I put on the PS1000's and they are the Ultimate whether I'm listening to film scores, Philip Glass, 80's synth pop,trance, or Dead Kennedys... with my LD MK3 (upgraded tubes), Apogee Duet convertor, lossless files using Play (NEVER iTunes), it's enjoyable in a different but comparable way to my 6' tall Martin Logan speakers with Krell amp. 


I have Senn 280's, 380's, and have had higher end ones in the past. You can count on Senns to sound great. But there seems to be a fork in the road between the Senn folk and the Grado folk. If you're a Grado person, you won't stop upgrading until you get them so just save a couple thousand dollars by skipping the intermediate steps and go for it. So you'll be eating beans & rice for a couple months. You'll recover.


Grado spends NO money on packaging, industrial design, or accessories. You are paying for sound-relevant materials, hand-assembled by audiophiles in America. All that gorgeous molded plastic in the big company products requires expensive steel injection molds, and they have to sell zillions at high margins to make up those costs. 4-color printing on glossy cardboard with custom cut packages also costs an arm and a leg, you have to pay setup costs for the cardboard cutter, & probably pay a packaging designer as well.


With big company phones: first, you throw away the box. Never look at the 4-color printed inserts again. You already have a zillion adapters & alternative cords. Then you stash the fabulous hard case in the closet where it just takes up room for 5 years. Then the velour headband with silk-screened model number actually kind of feels hot, & can't be bent tighter or looser. And the Star Trek plastic shapes look cool on the hot model in the publicity shots, but do you look at yourself in the mirror while you're listening?


Not too long ago I wrote Grado's generic email with some comments on their products (I was first turned on to Grado in 1981 with college student priced phono cartridges that blew me away compared to Audio Technica, which was the standard at the time). I got a personal response the next day. Your money is going to a family business that cares about music, not a multi-national conglomerate with scads of MBA's earning 6 figures for determining the optimum packaging for each regional market. (Visualize a PowerPoint presentation where the regional marketing manager from IntlHeadPhoneCorp is proudly determining that we can increase margins 2.15% if we change the color of the headline text on the package from yellow to blue in Eastern Europe.)


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You PS1000 guys love your headphones, no doubt.


Thanks for all the informative, entertaining and inspiring posts.

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Threads like this are the reason I love this place.


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one thing that bothers me...does the gs1000 really has no chance compare to ps1000 ? are there any reason to pick the gs1000 instead of ps1000 ? aside of the 700 differences :P . im kinda torn between those two at the moment..

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You'll get magical soundstage from the GS1000 when your amp and source are good enough. This will be like gliding or levitating with some recordings. An introducion to this feeling is the AKG K 701 in a proper setup, no other headphone to date could do this for me.

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ps1000 cant do that ? well thats pretty comforting..i do love soundstage.how about tone and texture ? mainly electronic guitar and drums..any differents between the gs and ps ?

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winzzz asked:-



 does the gs1000 really has no chance compare to ps1000 ? 


Having both, the GS1000 sound is  terribly coloured compared to the PS1000.


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