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Hi Host7,

Have you tried using the format utility referenced here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/456327/sony-pcm-m10-as-portable-player/120_20#post_8727898

One last hint: The cluster size of 32678 might be a critical factor for use with the PCM-M10 (don't go larger).

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I did use the program but still have not gotten the cards to work.


Today I recieved the same SanDisk 64GB card you mentioned, full formatted it from ExFat to FAt32 32678 cluster size and it still does not work in the Sony PCM-M10. I am confused as to how this could be so. (I used the same program as you mentioned)


One SDHC I have also card doesn't work in the PCM-M10. I have tried the following microSD cards in the PCM-M10. For each one, I tried formatting it quick and full, and tried different cluster sizes to torubleshoot (always at least trying 32678):


Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Card Class 4 - Format has not been changed, came out of android phone with fat32 64k format. <-- this is the only one that works

Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10 Card - Does not work with PCM-M10 in any format. Gives 'format error' code. (an it's an HC not an XC)

Sandisk Extreme Plus 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card - Does not work in any format

Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card - Does not work in any format.

G.Skill 16GB MicroSDHC Card - Does not work in any format


The cards do show up on the computer when the PCM-M10 is plugged in via USB, but on the device itself, it wont read from any of the above card except one. I am an IT major dropout so I know a thing or two about formats- thus I don't think I'm making a mistake. I've sunk two days of troubleshooting into this.


If you go to Sony's site you see the model for the PCM-M10 is actually PCM-M10/B. Could there be a slightly revised model? That's my only guess at the moment.

I have found that the first card listed (SanDisk 32GB) does not fully work with the PCM-M10. It did not give the format error at first, but when I tried to record it did give an error like "File Corrupt" or "Recording Corrupt", something like that. It now says 'format error'.


I originally thought my microSD reader in the PCM-M10 was faulty, but then the one card worked- so I thought otherwise. Now I am leaning back towards a possibility of a faulty reader, but all the cards show up via USB through the PCM-M10, which would signify that the reader works.

I'm still fairly confused. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


Update #2:

I finally was desperate and was trying almost every combination. I formatted the new SanDisk 64GB SDXC that you mentioned with the program that you also mentioned. I used a 512 size, and then did a full format. When I came back I popped it in the PCM-M10 and it showed "Accessing..." for both the on-board and card memory, but it froze about 90% though on the progress bar. When I restarted the device, and then change the "Memory" setting in the menu to "Memory Card", it says Process Error. (a new error). Maybe this is nothing- but i've been able to reproduce the error with the other 64GB Samsung using 8192 as my allocation unit size.

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Wow, Host7 - how frustrating!  But there's hope...


This is analogous to the light bulb not working in the lamp.  


Which is bad?




A) Try a proven light bulb in the suspect lamp


B) Try the suspect light bulb in a proven lamp.


From what I'm reading, you've done a lot of testing - all of it reasonable within the confines of what's available to you, but you don't have a proven lamp (a proven PCM-M10 in which to test suspect cards) and despite having a lot of light bulbs (a lot of cards) you don't really have a proven light bulb (a proven card with which to test your suspect PCM-M10).   


Thus, you're actually unable to perform either test A or test B, but probabilities suggest that your lamp is bad (having tried multiple unproven light bulbs).


Option: Given that the problem might be with the hardware you are using to reformat the cards, you could try doing so with an entirely different PC and card reader.


Option:  Lend me your suspect cards or lend me your suspect PCM-M10.  Either will do, but sending me your cards will tell us more about where the problem lies. 


If you PM me, I can give you my mailing address.


When I test your cards...


If I am able to use any of them in my proven PCM-M10, as is, without reformatting them, we'll know the problem is with your PCM-M10.  


If I have to reformat your cards to make them work fine in my proven PCM-M10, we'll know the problem lies somewhere in the hardware and software you are using to do the reformatting.


If I am unable to get any of the suspect cards to work in my proven PCM-M10, even after reformatting them in my proven reformatting hardware, we'll know the world is coming to an end.





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Well, you tried! ;-)

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And I was going to return it.  LOL


He might be along later...

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