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Sony PCM M10 as portable player? - Page 14

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Pictures of my new PCM-M10-sourced "travel rig"...





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Originally Posted by zilch0md View Post

Pictures of my new PCM-M10-sourced "travel rig"...





Wow.  I'm speechless!

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Thank you! I've corrected the link in my last post, above.
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Here's some recent news regarding the Sony PCM-D100, to be released in "early 2014" at a list price of $999:







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Hey Mike,


I found this little recorder from Kenwood (Mgr E8-B) while I was on search for a new toy :D It looks like M10 but I couldn't find anything about it on head-fi. Maybe you have heard something about it. I am attemting to buy this but I need some information about how it sounds compared to M10.


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that Kenwood E8 is quite well received among the Hong Kong head-fiers, it has a long battery life. People tend to use the line out mainly. The file format support is limited , i.e. mp3, wav, etc with no flac or highres support. It is a discontinued model but it seems there are still many lying around

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Interesting! I'd never seen that Kenwood recorder.
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Just saw this giant MS Pro Duo to dual SD adapter


Since that did work for PSP, I wonder if that were any good for M10.
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I don't know where I'd stick it.
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Originally Posted by zilch0md View Post

I don't know where I'd stick it.

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I had that coming, I guess!    LOL

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I couldn't resist lol

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That's extra funny since Valentine's Day is exactly a month away, LOL

I really meant to keep that adapter for home since M10 cannot read any USB Mass Storage, that's why I posted it this morning.
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Hmm I see some HM801 hate here... I like my hm801 for... it's sound quality and the line out. I have no issue with the UI or poping inbetween tracks 


My only concern is that my unit has [atm] no USB support... that... died? either way $100 get's me a brand spanking new unit so I'm going to take a stab with that. I should contact them and ensure that I don't get a "popper" my current usb less hm801 sounds good and never pops... I may honestly just wait until it goes totally dead before I send it out. 

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Hi all, this is my first post. I want to thank those of you that have provided valuable information on these forums.


After reading all 14 pages of this forum topic on the PCM-M10, I decided to buy it along with a Samsung microSDXC 64GB card (Samsung micro SDXC UHS-1 Card PRO 64GB Class 10, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AK31M3G/ref=oh_details_o07_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). The PCM-M10 works as it should, but does not work with any SDXC cards I have, including the brand new one that I just opened. I'm familiar with file systems, and have it in FAT32 format. After some troubleshooting- the card shows up on the computer via USB connected through the PCM-M10 (both internal memory and microSDXC card show up), but the PCM-M10 still says 'Format Error' every time I try.

I know it's hard to say for sure what might be going on, but I wanted to see if any of you have an idea. I might buy the exact SanDisk model that zilch0md posted on page 9, but I feel other brand SDXC's should be compatible.


As a human, I am likely making a mistake- but I cannot find it. Thanks for any help- and I hope I can possibly prevent someone else from ordering a Samsung SDXC for use with a PCM-M10.


Sooner or later, I will post my results with the SanDisk model on page 9. In the meantime I would like to get the Samsung working though.


Thanks for all replies. Many of you have already helped me greatly with your posts on this sites without even knowing it. :)

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