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Klipsch Image X5 Appreciation Thread

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For all the happy X5 owners out there, this thread is for you. I know the X10s are smaller, but it's amazing how Klipsch squeezed so much sound out of these little things.

The X5s are clean, and balanced across the frequency spectrum. Some say this line was designed with more umph in the bass department, I think the bass is perfectly placed. Imaging is great, soundstage is expansive. The X5s are supremely comfortable, noise attenuation is very good, and the stock oval gels work well for me Because these are so small and light, it's easy to adjust and wear for a loonggg time.

Klipsch released the S4s not too long ago, and they are FOTM, but in the image lineup I love my X5s for listening to everything!

Post your experiences with the X5, and pics if you have em'
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Bump it
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I am a happy member of the club.
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I am seriously considering becoming a member of this rather exclusive club. Now, if some more people would just speak up about all the amazing things the earphones (they will then, out of compassion for a fellow Head-fi'er, sell me for a song) do.
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They seriously are underrated. IMO, better soundstage than Shures. Considering you can get these for under $120 when they're on sale and in stock, it's a great deal too.
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Really good balance, great fit and comfort with the gels, and the lows go nice and low.
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After my SE530s broke, I picked up a pair of X5s as a momentary replacement. Was extremely (and still am) impressed by their performance given their price and surprisingly prefer them a great deal more than the SE530.
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Originally Posted by ucrags84 View Post
They seriously are underrated. IMO, better soundstage than Shures. Considering you can get these for under $120 when they're on sale and in stock, it's a great deal too.
Are those super bargain days over? I can't find $120 any more.
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This thread is finally rolling..

Yeah, the bargain days are over for now as far as I can tell. I got mine's for $99, plus $22 shipping ( only one available) from Ultimate Electronics. Klipsch makes it easy for you to find authorized dealers on their site, luckily I got it cheap and from an authorized reseller.
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I'm a huge fan and I've been saying that these are Giant Killers for a while! Here---> Giant Killer!!!.
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I suspect that people who complain about the lack of highs or bass aren't finding a good seal with the X5. Sure preference is a personal thing,but aggregate opinion has neither said these phones are bass shy nor short in treble extension.

Personally, I could feel the kick drum thumpin' from one of Shawn Mullins' tracks. I think too much treble extension would make listening fatiguing, and these are just well balanced. All-around winner.
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I’ve used these now for almost a month and I’m still impressed. Yes the bass is a bit strong but all the midrange and treble is there. I found this out by playing some acoustic flyleaf the detail is very good, enough to hear the breath intake near the microphone and fingers on the fretboard. They are so small but sound so big. I have used them with an amplifier, they seem to respond with having a larger reserve of current behind them. Bear in mind that is only a set of the pants review it could have been a volume setting.
Klipsch was kind enough to send me two sets of my choice of ear gels; double flange, after I had signed up at the Klipsch web site. Delivery of the tips came in two weeks, I was about to send an email asking where they were. The nicest thing I’ve discovered with them is after having them for a week they fell from my shirt collar where they were tucked in. I had stepped on one of the armatures; looked down seeing it under my shoe I thought it was finished. I looked at it, cleaned it and it still works. I think any other iem I have would have been broken. These are tough ba’s! (balanced armatures)
Ok, the cord is a bit long and never fully straightens out. The case that they come with is slick; magnetic latch but If you wind the cord to fit in the case you’ll have a tangle when you pull it out. Even with this nitpick I still think these are the best headphones I have for portable use.
I’m not a shill for Klipsch but I know their history in making really good products. I’d love to thank the engineer that designed these!
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I have owned nearly all the top tier IEMS, and the Klipsch X5 rank at the top!

Well balanced, detailed and most important...comfortable.

Highly recommended IEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Damn you guys, you are making me very interested in this headphone. So here's a couple of questions.

How's wind noise on the X5 when walking around or riding a bike? I currently have a CX300-II on which I usually don't really mind noise from my own movement, but the noise from the wind makes a very annoying whine and makes the CX300-II very fatiguing to wear while cycling.

One other problem I have with my CX300-II, they are way too easy to drive and I can't get my volume to a lower and more pleasant level on my iPod Touch 2G. It's so bad that I just can't bear the volume level in a quiet environment and only use my CX300s when in a noisy surrounding. Which is pretty sad, as I don't have anything better for portable use (I do have an ATH-AD900). So here's the question; How easy, or rather, how hard are the Image X5s to drive?

Could someone be more specific about the amount of bass the X5 provide? There seem to be a couple of guys whom already think it's too much, most think it's fine/perfect and some think it's lacking. I really want to be able to hear those lower notes properly. To actually hear the different notes used on the bass guitar for example, as I now only hear a vague rumble from the bass guitar with my CX300. So the lows should be powerful, but not overshadowing the other frequencies and thus still be able to hear the cymbals, female voices and a proper piano for example.

BTW, I listen to a couple of different genres, but it's mainly rock and pop. Some examples are Owl City, Breaking Benjamin, Red Hot Chili Pepers, Rise Against, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, 30 Seconds to Mars, Three Days Grace, Snow Patrol and a couple of other artists of which I only have one track I actually like, such as Youth of the Nation, Listen to Your Heart - DHT (non techno version) and Old White Lincoln. There are more artist that that I listen to and what I listen to changes throughout the year, the list is mainly meant to show what kinds of music I like to listen to. I'm not sure what specific genres they are, as I never really cared to look into that.

To be honest, I just hope my demands won't make me spend too much.
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best isolating iems save the etys 6i Isolator. the x5 with double flange is equal to or nearly equal to. i had the cx300, they fall far short of x5 in every catagory except price and the fact they both go in your ears. you will not hear wind. these are very small and go deep. i doubt a boxer could dislodge these, i would be very careful on a bike with these in, you might hear a car/truck horn. then again in amsterdam they might share the road, here in the us were just targets and impedements.
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