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how long time for shipping to USA?

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How long it will arrive after I placed order?

I have placed order yesterday, haven't get email confirmation yet. Did you all get email confirmation and tracking number?

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I ordered the T3 last Monday (actually Sunday night here on the east coast, Monday in China) and received them UPS on Thursday. They did send me email confirmation and a tracking number. Fast service from China to south Florida.
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I ordered a T3 Fri, Dec 11. I got an email reply within 12 hours clarifying my shipping address, but haven't received an email since then (4 days ago). From reports, their communication seems a bit spotty, but shipping is generally quick for coming from China. Hopefully soon?
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it took five days (including a weekend) to receive my d2+ boa from the time i ordered it. however, ibasso did not send out any confirmation email or any indication whatsoever that i had placed my order until two days after the order was placed, when they sent me a shipping tracking number. don't worry, you'll receive your amp.
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