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A good year in rock music: 1991....pick your favorite album

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So who wins best album for the year.....
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R.E.M. - Out Of Time

honorable mention goes to Pearl Jam - Ten
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I chose Achtung Baby. I didn't necessarily listen to U2 as much as Metallica as I was more a Metallica fan (still am of their older stuff). But I loved Achtung Baby! And Achtung Baby was the point at which U2 started taking over the rock world while the Black Album was, IMO, the point when Metallica started their decline. So in their own way I believe they were significant albums.
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Originally Posted by 351Cleveland View Post
R.E.M. - Out Of Time
Nice! Loved that one too!
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Ahh a good year for music

My nod has to go to Nirvana. It is not the best album of those listed but it changed the musical landscape and is my favorite for that reason.

I remember the first time I saw the Video for smells like teen spirit, I was stunned.

My most listened to album from that year has to be GNR Use your illussions I & II

Doing a bit of research and seems that one of the best albums of all time was released in 2001 Maudlin of the Well "Bath"
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Pearl Jam Ten gets my vote. Awesome album from start to finish.

Honorable mention to Soundgarden and Metallica. Both were great albums as well.
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Tough call. I picked BSSM. For me Blood Sugar is THE album to pick for RHCP while the others have had other albums that are comparable or better than the ones listed. Oh and its also the best sounding album of the bunch, I go "WOW" everytime I listen to that album. So that kinda made my vote slightly biased.

Ten is probably the closest second although I'd vote for that as well if I could vote for 2 albums instead of 1.

Nevermind is a crucial album in music history, and so is Black album but both artists have had better albums before or after IMO.

Funny someone mentioned Out of Time as well, cos that shouldve been on the list for sure.

Oh and also worth noting is how one of the best metal albums out there missed 91 by 2 months, coming out in Feb 92. "Vulgar Display of Power " by Pantera. Wouldve made this an even tougher decision to make had it come out 2 months earlier.
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Is Out Of Time really a beloved album? I know it has a hit or 2 but I've always heard it called mediocre by critics and fans alike. I'll be honest I don't know the album well enough and based on its fame I probably should have included it, but I didn't know what to take out.
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for me personally it was close for Nirvana and Metallica maybe a tie even...
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Any other year & Metallica or Ten could have won, but Nevermind is just unbeatable. It's up there for album of the decade in my humble opinion.
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Between, Nevermind, Spiderland, and Loveless, it was a super tough choice. I chose Loveless though.
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By this time, rock was dead.
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I've only heard 3 of those albums, Achtung Baby, BSSM, and Nevermind. I've never heard any of the others. Of those 3, BSSM is my favorite.
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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post
By this time, rock was dead.
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71' or 81' may have been good years for Rock. I was 20 in 91' and rock music was well down the pecking order. Electronic music types dominated charts and clubs.

I haven't heard six of those albums.
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