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ClieOS, do you like the W1?

How does it compare to iBasso T4/T3?

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Hello everyone,

in our Italian forum Rudi gave some answers about the brand "Linearossa" and specifically to the W3. Keep in mind that I tried to translate into the best way what Rudi has written, even with the help of a translator of Google. The translation itself may contain small errors but, in general, the sense of what Rudi wrote should be clear.
This is what Rudi wrote:

"Well I feel compelled to respond.

The decision to create a distinct brand dedicated to compact portable consumer and place the headquarters in Singapore is due to two reasons.
95% of "market headphones" is given by portable systems and IEM and the 80% of this is geographically located in Asia. Even though I like to go against the tide I can not consider the reality. The fact that I can make amplifiers for "many" does not give me any trouble and make available the W3, basically a clone of the NKK01se, which is cheap and with some function in more at a fraction of the price of its predecessor, does not seem to me bad.
Linearossa distribution will be through distributors, where we will be interested distributors, or directly via the web, with a $ 20 DHL and delivery in 48 hours from shipment ......!!!
My involvement in this enterprise is that of the designer (though obviously I will do a bit of promotion) of the rest I do not mind.
So I will have more resources and time to devote to the implementation of large and exclusive amplifiers that many of you can appreciate and at the headphone socket on the top layer (electrostatic Titanus, whose innovative transducers will be constructed in Italy, and a dynamic hand in class)

Back to work and greet everyone.
Rudi Stor."

Here the link of the original message in Italian. Feel free to ask questions but only on the translation: I'm not Rudi, so obviously I can not give technical explanations on the amplifier.
Videohifi Forum
Regards to all, Andrea.
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I just wish they would put some more effort into their sales. Its been over 72 hours now and I have yet to get a reply from them for a simple question about their product !
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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
Great imagination. The W3 is exactly like the D10 iBasso. I have no idea what is inside but the external coax, optical, charge on and off, gain etc are the same. Oh the name is changed. If this were a copy of an RSA (I have seen copies of RSA), HeadAmp, Rudistor etc. by some other company I would find it a cheap way to do a design at the originators cost.
The W3 is based on the old NKK01SE desing, and as far as I know Rudi had never copied any design from any other manufacturer as logic indicates, even while many of these designs are from the books, and if I'm not mistaken the Nkk01 was in the market before the D10...
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Received 2 x W1's and a W3 the day before yesterday, play with them for two days, and now a W1 and the W3 will on the way to the Head-fi reviewer. For the ones interested just keep the eyes open for the comming review...

BTW, I can not and will not answer any questions here in this thread (Head-fi rules) so if you have any concern, you know what to do...
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Any review available yet ?

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