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AMP3 pro2 give away

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I have an AMP3 pro2 that was given to me as a free sample for the Danish head-fi meet by HiSoundAdio although due to Danish customs it didn't arrive in time for the meet. I have been burning it in for over 200 hours and been listening to it for a while with all my phones and come to the conclusion that I am not going to be able to use it, there is just too much hiss and noise with my phones and the codec problems mean that I can't use it with most of my music. Since I haven't paid for this unit I will not sell it but give it away to somebody who will use it. You will have to pay for shipping ($20-30 for most locations). If you want the unit post in this thread before end of Sunday and I will choose one to receive it and ship it on Tuesday.
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$20-$30 shipped worldwide? I'm very interested and call dibs = D.
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Hi, would like to listen to this unit. Jag vil gerne have det :]
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Really wanted to get this one,but shipping alone will cost me around 50$.
If it is shipping alone ? Woo Hoo!!
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Hi I am interested~ Please consider me, Thanks!
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OMG! I want this!

There will be a mini-meet that's organized by my friend coming soon. So i do hope i can bring this to the meet.
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Count me in! Thanks!
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Tossing my hat in the ring. Anything would be an upgrade from my current setup: Sansa Clip --> Fiio E5 --> Grado SR80
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I would like to put myself forward thanks ,ive had afew posts in the amp3 threads and have just pre ordered the rebranded telcast t51.
on the downside im not very good at reveiws (with words in general) but i would try and do a comparason to my cowon d2 and t51 and wouldnt sell on
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Wow, my Vibez died recently and had been thinking about a new "audiophile" player , tough to find in the UK though ,it be great if you would consider me as my Sharp minidisc player isnt cutting it these days!.
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Wow, that is really generous!

I'm probably receiving my HM-801 in the next two weeks and would love to do a comparison. I actually almost ordered the Amp3 for a more portable device. Not many people will get to compare this to the 801; I hope I might be one of them
Since you're so generous, I would most certainly be willing to start a European (or EU-wide) loan-program, if the piece you have is comparable to sale-units. This way we could also get a good view on the player, not to mention to form an even more objective "truth" about its sound with the many references we each possess.

I don't speak Danish, but I'm from Finland and we always get along, don't we?

Thank you for this opportunity.

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I'd also like to volunteer for this! I'm getting the Fischer Audio Eterna (my first "pro" iem!) in a week or two. Would love to use them on a AMP3!
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Count me in as well.
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I wouldn't mind giving it a rundown. Count me in.
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