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What Speakers Do You Own?

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Seeing that there are a remarkable number of hi-fi speaker enthusiasts here, I'm putting up a thread to see what speakers head-fiers complement their headphone setups with (in my case, I have to say, the other way around...)

Polk Audio LSi15 tower loudspeakers, comprising my main HT/music system
Energy RC-10 bookshelves, as my computer setup

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Spica TC-50
Dahlquist DQ-10
Snell JII
Boston Acoustic A70
KEF 103.2

And not one pair cost me more than $200. Most were thrift store or garage sale finds for around $30. That's why it pays to study history.
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AV123 X-SLS Encore Moho
AV123 X-Omni Diamond Black
AV123 X-SLS Classic Cherry
AV123 X-CS Classic Cherry
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B&W DM 602 S2 but I'm not so satisfied with the sound quality.
I'm gonna try them with another amp in the future(and in a room with better acoustics)to see if i like them more.My sony AV reciever is not that good at driving them I guess.
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Advent Laureate with silver internal wiring. Such Grado sound, unfortunately a little bright for me.
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my favorite smallish bookshelf transducers... Dynaudio Confidence C1 (image shown with speaker cover removed) with Cherry wood enclosure

sorry for distorted image

Infinity Reference 10

i also have Dynaudio sub500 to complement my favorite bookshelf speakers for pure audio music enjoyment
other speakers for HT include Kenwood 5.1 and USAudio sub... several speakers for computer audio
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Paradigm Studio 40 v.4

Powered by a 1983 Pioneer SX-9 (true) 125Wx2

It's beautiful, but doesn't quite have the sparkle of my headphone rig.
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Just a set of Wharfedale 9.0 bookshelves.

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Klipsch Heresy walnut finish/tan basket weave
PSB Alpha B1
Klipsch KG 4.5

I hope to one day own some Klipsch Cornwalls or LaScalla. OR Altec Voice of the theater horns.
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anthony gallo reference 3.1 for now
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Magico Model 6s in stereo.
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ProcAc D25 for two channel.
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B&W 685. I'm a huge fan.
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Acoustic Research AR3a's for my computer, Paradigm Monitor Series for the Home Theater setup, and B&W 801Ds for the main stereo system. Those were all passed down from my Dad to me, and the only decent speakers I have (which are barely decent and in bad need of replacement) are my Boston Acoustics A70s. Man, do I owe that guy big time or what?
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ENERGY 4.1E from the year 1991, bi amped

I love them
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