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8 FREE iGRADO Headphones on Dec.4 - Page 3

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Awesome, thanks! Good luck to everyone. I subscribed.
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Subscribed. Thanks!
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Thanks for the notice! Sorry about adding more competition
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subscribed Thanks for the Chance to Win
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Subscribed. iGrados look and should sound great!
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Subbed. Always wanted to hear some iGrados.
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Subscribed. Definitely curious about these.
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I'm assuming it's a random drawing...?
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Actually watched all three videos now and now I understand how the balanced armature works (though how you manage to get it all in a tiny space is beyond me).

One question, what's the guitar riff in the opening and closing of the videos? Sounds familiar-ish.
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I have subscribed, thank you for the opportunity. If I am chosen I can be contacted through my email, , or through the message function on this forum.
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Subscribed, as zdamned1.
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Originally Posted by clarinetman View Post
I'm assuming it's a random drawing...?
Random drawing on December 4th.
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I say midnight drawing tonight! :P
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Subscribed Nice videos!
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