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8 FREE iGRADO Headphones on Dec.4 - Page 2

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subbed. igrados got me interested.. but love the vids too :P
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subbed! thanks!
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Subscribed thanks!
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Awesome. Subscribed.
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Subscribed, winning would be nice.
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I'm in too. Thanks, great comps of late!
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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Next weekend (Thanksgiving) will be a great and UNIQUE opportunity to buy your Xmas gifts or one for yourself.

We will take a loss and CASH OUT on many items!

Once they are gone we will not have them anymore.
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Still great chance to win 1 of 8 iGRADOS.

With a little over 100 subscribers, the chances are pretty, pretty good - as Larry David would say
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I'm in, and many thanks.
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