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Just recieved the SR-80s from Todd. Fast shipping, great service and price. What more can you ask for?

Very happy with the cans and the service. Highly recommended.
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Ordered some SR-80s from Todd recently. Shipping was very fast and the customer service was great. Have already ordered from Todd again.
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Received the flats I ordered from Todd. Shipping was very fast.
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This was my first time ordering from I ordered the Yuin PK2s on Monday 2/25/08, and received them today Wednesday 2/27/08. Great packaging, communication, price. Will definitely purchase from him again.
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It's not like Todd needs more positive feedback, but here it is anyway

On a scale of 1 to 100, I'd give Todd 150! He took time to answer all my questions (and I had a few) and sent everything by Todd Super Express. He must have because it arrived REALLY fast. Thank you very much Todd!
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Well, i'll have to add to the good feedback

I bought my beautiful meier corda 2move from him. Shipped quickly and came packaged very well, showing his quality assurance ideals.

Here's the kicker though: I forgot to enter my "first time buyer" discount code so I emailed him, no reply, but when i receive the item my invoice revealed he had added in that discount for me

Awesome guy. Thanks Todd!
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Todd the Vinyl Junkie (TTVJ)

I recently purchased a Manley Skipjack from TTVJ. As always, Todd was a pleasure to deal with and communicated well throughout. I will gladly continue to give Todd my business.
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I ordered a new headphone amp from Todd yesterday, and it arrived today as promised.
Thanks for the quick response & great service, Todd!
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Is anybody ordered internationaly?
I want to order iGrado and it says: This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order.
Free Shipping Only

is it free or it is system-country problem?
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Todd is awesome, can't say anymore, I'm enjoying the 307A I got from him so much that I'm going right back to the tunes!!
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Got a pair of HE-6 from TTVJ a few months ago.  Excellent packaging, prompt shipping, great price.  Thanks Todd!

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I recently bought some flats & other misc cables.

Great service, promt delivery, excellent packaging.

Highly recommended. 

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Sent some e-mails to him and he responded within a day or two. Ended up buying IEM's and they were delivered quickly with great packaging. Highly recommended.


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TTVJ is one of the best vendors out there. Although I live in Dubai, my shipment arrived within 3 days! Packaging was impeccable and overall a very pleasing buying experience.
Fully recommended.
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interested in ordering from TTVJ great thread for reviews..

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