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Bought my VPI Scout from Todd.......excellent service.

Just got a pair of flats from him today and they were here before I hung up the phone (well almost )
Todd R
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First order was a pair of flat pads. They arrived very quickly and well packed.

Second order was a pair of bowl pads and a set of AKG k501. They once again arrived fast and very well packed.

Will buy from again! Thanks Todd!
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Ordered some Shure E2cs and Beyerdynamic DT770 pros from Todd a while back and the shipment was quick and painless.
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Excellent Service!

Bought some PS1’s from Todd. Perfect transaction.


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I purchased some Grado flat pads from TTVJ a while back, and they arrived within 2 days! Unbelievably fast shipping, and very professional packaging. I plan on ordering more stuff as soon as my budget allows it!
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So far I have bought a Grado 325i,a Grado extension cable and flat pads from Todd.And my latest and last headphone buy AKG K501 from Todd.Great service,fast shipping.And every time I have called with a question Todd has answered the phone himself.
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Got my HF1, thanks a lot, Todd!

Just one thing: please be more careful when writing the addresses on the parcels; a correct spelling of a city name and a correct entering of the zipcode might prevent a parcel to stroll around for 2 months
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Good experience buying a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-880s from Todd. Shipping cost me $12 and the actual label on the box said $7-something, but this is a common practice (i.e. handling charge).
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2nd great purchase from Todd.
Although the Shure e500s were delayed from the manuf., Todd was always friendly and gracious on the phone, provided a GREAT price on the phones, and even though I only chose USPS they arrived in 2 days.

Thanks Todd!
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Have purchased flat pads and b-stock 600s from TTVJ in the pst year or so. Everything has always been shipped quickly and exactly as described. Great to work with.

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Bought about 70 pieces of vinyl (mostly from Todd's used bin but some choice 200 gram pressings as well), some Vinyl Zyme record cleaning solution, and 300 inner and outer record sleeves... when I visited Todd and his family in Montana last month. It all arrived quicky and well packed.

Thanks for your great hospitality, Todd. I'll have to come again sometime when I'm not in a rush to visit a zillion national parks!
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Awesome person to deal with..Would buy from again..
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I purchased a Stefan AudioArts 9' Equinox HD650 Cable from Todd. I'm totally satisfied with the transaction, including but not limited to the cable's price (ordered before the price hike), related communication, order packaging, and speedy delivery. Todd made everything super easy, from ordering to updating me on the order's status. Todd is truly a gentleman, and I'm feeling good about doing business with a wonderful Head-Fi sponsor. Thanks again, Todd!
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I didn't know Todd had a feedback thread or I would have done this sooner. I have made two purchases from Todd (Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter and AKG K501) and the items and service were great! I also called Todd with some questions once and he personally answered his phone within one ring! Without a doubt I will be purchasing from TTVJ again. Thanks Todd.
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Todd delivers first-class service. Have ordered twice so far, the first order was a Cayin HA-1A (July 2006) and the second an AKG K401 (January 2007). The order for the Cayin amplifier was eligible for a discount which wasn't immediately applied, but Todd applied it himself when I sent an e-mail about it. As to be expected for an e-commerce business, shipping & tracking info were instantly provided, and everything was intact upon receipt.

TTVJ also accepts payment via PayPal which I've found to be a huge advantage over HeadRoom.
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