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longggg overdue feedback as well, but every tranaction i made with him was flawless. Thanks!
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Just received my HD650s from Todd; I placed the order over the phone, and Todd patiently answered all my questions. The Senns arrived very quickly, and I am breaking them in as I type! Thanks Todd!
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i swear my sr-71 arrived before i ordered it...really fast. he even threw in a sleeve of golf balls! (why? don't know...). also ordered flat pads in the past and am very happy with all my dealings with todd...
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Great customer service!

I purchased a cable that was the wrong one and Todd was great about the return. No hassle at all! I also purchased a SR-71 from him and he had it shipped the same day even though the order was placed late in the day. Gotta love that kind of response time!

Jim Kuhr
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This feedback is for multiple items I bought from Todd over the past couple of months, but being the procrastinator that I am, I did not leave the good word that he deserves..

Every single transaction was great, with excellent communication and super fast shipping. Todd.. thank you, dealing with you has been a pleasure, and I am sure we will do business again, once my wallet recovers a semblance of health in due time..
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received my flat pads from todd today....... even though they're just a set of pads the way they were packaged really impressed me
Order was processed and came through quickly and efficiently, I would definitely do buisness with TTVJ again.
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Ordered a pair of K501s from Tood. Althoug I live overseas everything went very smoothly! Thanks, Todd!
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I ordered a pair of Grado flat pads from Todd and have been checking the mailbox daily, figuring that they would take a while to arrive from Montana, especially since Todd mentioned he would be somewhat busy lately...little did I know that they had already arrived (I didn't notice the box sitting in the living room for the past few days)...Thanks for the incredibly fast shipping Todd! Nice packaging too!
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Ordered some Shure E5C phones from Todd. He answered all my questions, was very patient whilst I made up my mind to order, and the shipment was very quick from the US to the UK.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to do business with TTVJ!

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Another perfect international transaction with Todd. Thanks!
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I've purchased several amps and headphones from Todd and most recently accessories for Ety's. As always, his service is top notch and he's a most friendly and helpful fella to boot. Can't recommend him highly enough! Thanks for everything, Todd! Fantastic sponsor and a credit to this board/site!
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Bought a pair of Senn HD650's from him at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, and he managed to get them to me by Friday (2-3 day shipping is what I used), and this was right before CHRISTMAS, so it's great that he managed it! My parents were able to surprise me with this on Christmas, because I hadn't expected it to arrive. Also, he responded to a request for information from me, rather quickly esp. considering it was right before Christmas. Thanks, Todd!
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Todd was able to track down a shipment of the turntable I wanted so that it could get to our house in two days instead of the five days he said it would take.

He got it shipped from New Jersey, the headquarters of the importers of the Goldring GR1, to CT in less than two days - which is amazing!

He then was able to give me extremely detailed information on what to buy for record cleaning and for a phono stage, and he really was able to understand my budget situations.

This man has given me the most satisfied online purchase ever. I highly recommend Todd.
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Even though I only ordered a Grado extension cable and softy earpads, the service was excellent. The cable was on backorder, but expected to arrive only 3 days after I placed my order. Still, Todd took the time to send me an e-mail informing me of this, and I received my order only five days after placing it.
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Bought a VPI Scout and Dynavector cartridge from Todd a couple weeks ago.
He made me an awesome deal and the table is fantastic!
Todd R (the other Todd)
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