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I have purchased a few things from TTVAHJ, but this is the first time I bought something from Todd as an individual. Needless to say, doing business with Todd The Vinyl and Headphone Junkie is no different than doing business with Todd The Individual Audio Nut. First class all the way.

Thanks Todd, the Meridian has found a good home.
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Always a pleasure dealing with Todd as he goes over and above in taking care of his customers.Hell of a nice guy too.
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Just bought the grado ps-1 from him. Bugged the hell out of him, and he had no problem answering my questions. Would do business again without hesitation.
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Just purchased a tube of used Jocky underwear from Todd. Other than them being a bit too small (Todd is obviously not as well endowed ) my transaction was flawless. I hope that I don't have to take advantage of his 30 day return policy but it's comforting to know that It's there if I need it. Todd rules.
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omg what can I say about this guy besides what has been said,

in the past I bought my ra-1,flat pads,rs-1, and ps-1

the rs-1 developed the famous rattle to them, but todd was nice enough to let me exchange towards the

when todd comes to chicago we are going on a cd/vinyl hunt !!!!!!!!

this man is the single best dude I have ever bought anything from, he is the greatest
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Count me among the Todd groupies here! Ordered a pair of Senn 650s yesterday, woke up this morning and there they were. Already got them on my head, and am listening as I type.

Thanks Todd!
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This is some long overdue feedback (about 5 total) for a great retailer and site sponsor. Todd is nothing but friendly, curteous and accomodating and deserves your business.

GO TODD!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by bozebuttons
Got the flat pads from Todd.
Thanks from all the grado owners for bringing them back.
I second that. Purchased my flats from Todd and they came super fast- this is the kind of dealer that gives...dealers a good name! Go Team Junkie!
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SR-71 received in record time - yet another headfier recommending Todd.
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I just received my new SOTA Comet turntable, Rega RB300 tonearm, and Grado Sonata cartridge from Mr. Vinyl Junkie. There was also a surprise in the package....jus like Cracker Jacks. I am amazed at how quickly things get from Montana to California.

Thanks Todd, now for some high resolution vinyl bliss!!
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I emailed and spoke to Todd, and he was always very helpful. He happily accepted my return (I didn't like what I bought), and I would be happy to deal with him again - and hopefully i'll keep what I buy next time
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Todd hooked me up with a Ray Samuels SR-71! Great guy to do business with!
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Yet another quality transaction with Todd. He sold me a open stock set of HD650 at a smoking price! Thanks again always a class act.
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Purchased an SR-71 and Ted's Earcandy cable from Todd. Both were shipped extremely fast and Todd was awesome to deal with. Highest possible recommendation!
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I bought some headphones from Todd, and he sent them right away. Super-quick service. I wouldn't hesitate on buying from him again.
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