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Grado Flat Pads

I ordered a pair of Grado Flat Pads from Todd a few weeks ago and have been enjoying them since They were shipped quickly and packaged very well. Thank you, Todd!
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Bought some flat and comfy pads from Todd, International shipment was prompt and packaging was good.

Looking forward to doing business with him again.
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I bought some senn hd650's from Todd. Great to talk to and very helpful and knowledgeable. Shipped the 650's immediately. I will be buying from him again.
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I bought a pair of HD650s from Todd. He was very nice and informative on the phone. He shipped them out as soon as I got off the phone with him.

Great guy, thanks again.
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OK, this is a big one...

Yeah, this is a big one, at least for me. I purchased a Merdian 507 from Todd and couldn't be happier. He gave me a great deal, shipped it safely & securely, double boxed, and it arrived in A-1 shape. It's now all setup and sounding great ! Thanks Todd ! Now that I've got the digital covered, let's talk vinyl

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Got a pair of HD600's off of Todd's site. Great deal. Great shipping. Will probably be ordering a set of cardas when I have the money to spend
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Etymotic ER-4 MicroPro Package Deal

After much fretting, I decided to purchase the Etymotic ER-4 MicroPro package deal this past Saturday, November 21st, 2003 at a very late hour in the night. Todd shipped my package Saturday morning and I just got them today. That is fast delivery time! He followed all of my directions to a "T" and he put up with my annoying and repeated e-mail messages after making the purchase patiently and professionally. Todd is a great man with whom to do business. I can not recommend him highly enough!
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Chauk up another great deal with Todd. Bought a Shure stylus gauge in anticipation of setting up my new turntable, and though it was a small purchase, Todd treated me like I was his most important customer. And I had it in a day ! Thanks Todd !

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Todd was great to work with. I bought a Sota Moonbeam and some accessories for it from him. He truly is a vinly junkie.
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Got my XP7 from Todd. Todd was kind enough to accomodate some requests so that my shipping would be cheaper and faster. Lightning fast international shipment, great friendly responses and unbeatable service overall.

When I want to buy something, I check first if TTVJ has it because they really are my first choice in buying headphone stuff. Todd, your the man!
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Just got some opamps for the XP7 from Todd. Another flawless transaction
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Just received my AKG271 from Todd. Fast international service. Good communicator. Highly recommended. Thanks Todd.
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Have dealt with Todd several times over the past couple of years, and he's always been courteous, patient, and helpful. Bought flat pads from him, which arrived promptly, and well packaged. Just ordered an Emmeline HR-2 amp. from him, and as usual, Todd was extremely helpful and gave very honest advice. It's great doing business with him.
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Todd Rulz!!

Ordered the replacement pads (Soft) and the Grado Flat Pads (cut out - Hard) for my Grado SR-60 and for testing with mikeG's Grado SR-325.

Placed order, received confirmation immediately, received the pads on the 4th day (Sat and Sunday included).

I cannot be more satisfied with my purchase and Todd is Flat-Out awesome in his replies and business ethics.

Highly recommend TTVJ!!!
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I'm stoked! I just got my new Flat pads in the mail from TTVJ and couldn't be happier. No problems ordering, the package arrived before I knew what hit me Todd deserves all the kudos in the world for bringing back Flats, they're simply the best.

This is my second time ordering from Todd. The first time, the package was shipped to the billing address rather than the shipping address, and Todd was nice enough to offer me free shipping on my next order. I took him up on it this time and am truly glad Todd goes out of his way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Great service, thanks!!!
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