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Vendor: TTVJ (Todd the Vinyl Junkie)

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While I was pre-ordering my flat pads (oh yeah !) I got in on Todd's great Grand Opening sale. Ety 4S at a price I couldn't pass up. I don't know how he does it, but I had them the next morning ! These are the new version with the improved cable. And he threw in a most excellent TTVJ T-shirt Those of you who know Todd know how cool he is. Those of you that don't know him, I can tell you right now he's one of the best to deal with. And he's also one of our sponsors Can't beat that. Thanks Todd ! Looking forward to the flat pads and phoning in my next order !

Update 10/20/03 - The flats are in the house ! Brand spanking new flats... incredible ! Thanks Todd !

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Meridian 507

I bought my Meridian 507 from Todd and I was extremely pleased with the prompt delivery. I have almost everything I buy delivered to my work. The primary reason is I know it will be hand delivered to my desk and I do not have any worries about theft from my front porch or evening trips to pick it up.

People always come by when I get a package to listen to my latest acquisitions. So far the Meridian has been the office favorite. Friends brought their CD's and listened and without exception loved the sound of my new CD player.

If you need a new player the new 507 or 588 are great choices and Todd is a great guy to do business with.
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I bought a set of SR225's from him last Monday and recieved them Wednsday. I sent him an email about my purchase and he replied back within an hour answering my question, confirming my order, and telling me he had shipped them out already! Very fast service, and I will definately consider buying from TTVJ again.
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Got the flat pads from Todd.
Thanks from all the grado owners for bringing them back.
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Positive Feedback A+

I got in on the Flat Pad Pre-Sale.

Excellent transaction.

A recommended dealer.


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Got the grado flat pads on preorder from Todd. They arrived today very nicely packaged.

Fast replies and a smooth transaction. Would like to deal with TTVJ again.
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One more: thumbs up for Todd!!!

Thanks for the flat pads! I am now waiting for you to announce the HP-1 as being available
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I've purchased a number of things from Todd over the past month, including Grado interconnects and flat pads, as well as the fantastic new Grado RA-1 High Gain amp, which is designed to drive higher impedance cans (like my HD600's) and was built by Todd's friend John Grado at Todd's urging (and I believe he's the only one selling them right now). The service, prices, delivery and follow-up have been exceptional; I would not hesitate to do business with him again, and would encourage others to do so as well.

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Thanks for the flat pads (both orders), Todd.

I heard that if you look up the phrase "superior customer service" in the dictionary you'll see Todd's picture. I couldn't agree more.
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Just a few words from another happy Grado flat pads (and Ety replacement tips) customer. Way to go, Todd!!! Thanks so much for arranging the falt pads resurrection!!! Wayne
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Todd the Vinyl (& Headphone) Junkie

Thanks for the flat pads! The t-shirt is very nice. Outstanding vendor.
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Meant to post that I received my order of flat pads and Todd quickly dispatched them to me. Great seller and would gladly do business with him again.
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Todd is very dedicated to the Head-Fi community. Thanks for the flat pads and the T-shirt!
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Todd the Vinyl (& Headphone) Junkie

A late post, but I've been busy burning in my RS-1s. Very rapid shipping, superb packaging, and great communications. Thanks Todd! Highly recommended!
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I bought an Emmeline XP-7 and AKG K271S from Todd, and was very pleased with the transaction. Will definately do business with him again.
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