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one source, several amplifier?

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i really didn't know where to put this, so if this is the wrong place. By all means move it.

Basically my girlfriend likes my headphones and I like them too. So I was thinking about using one source and putting 2 amplfiers on it.


cd player -> digital coax out -> dac -> amplifier -> headphones 1
cd player -> analog out -> amplifier -> headphones 2

does this sound like a good solution?

thanks for your help.

The one amplfier is a LD mk-I and the other amplfier would be a LD mk-III or mk-VII not sure about it, so far.

Headphones would be AH-D5000, SHURES, Grado 325i (once I got them)
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i would suggest not getting another little dot, and getting a headphone amp that has line out. that way you can string the two together that way. then you both can enjoy the better (i'm guessing the external dac is better than the one in your cd player) external dac.

i think some models of the LD have a pre out, but me thinks it's also volume controlled by the same volume knob as the main headphone out...
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thanks for your response. Yes that's an excellent idea, besides that the CD player is a SACD player so I would use the analog out too, so the dac is not really required in all cases.
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if the sacd player is of nice quality, thus has a nice dac, then go for it.
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Wouldn't a splitter be more advisable?
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Some amps have 2 HP jacks. Then you could both have the benefit of the DAC.

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But if the two headphone jacks are running from the same amp circuit and volume pot, you will get problems unless the impedance and sensitivity match up very well.

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