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sufjan stevens is a christian artist that's totally inoffensively christian. i mean that, even if your unaffiliated, you won't felt preached too. but if you believe, you will definitely find a bit more beauty in his music. and oh man, is his music beautiful. i'm listening to it right now actually. (cd: http://www.amazon.com/Illinois-Sufja.../dp/B0009R1T7M) great stuff.

QFT, he makes beautiful music that is devout yet not tacky. I heartily recommend him. He does touch on interesting subject time to time tho. My fav song by him.

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Rehab by Lecrae. My first album I bought. I forget how I found out about christian rap but he's amazing.
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Originally Posted by TopPop View Post
"Christian music, originally called Jesus Music, once fearlessly sang clearly about the gospel. Now it yodels of a Christ-less, watered down, pabulum-based, positive alternative, aura-fluff, cream of wheat, mush-kind-of-syrupy, God-as-my-girlfriend kind of thing."

-Steve Camp, thesis 41, "A Call for Reformation in the Contemporary Christian Music Industry"

It's interesting to read of Steve Camp's quote here.

Looking back at the history of music however, I guess I would take issue with the narrowness of Camp's views.

Maybe we need to mature, and grow out of pigeon-holing artists as a 'christian artist' or not a christian artist? Who are we to judge anyway? If their lyrics are meaningful to us; then there is some light in the music we hear. Isn't it more important to engage with music which moves us; is meaningful to us, rather than just to wave, because it has some kind of 'christian' label on it?

Music can shed some light. Not all the light. If we want all the light - then it isn't music we turn to. Music isn't capable of possessing this. It is a form of art; a spiritual expression; an expression of praise; a movement towards sanctuary....however if one's music collection is all there is that constitutes spiritual life, then it isn't really much of a life.....

If that makes sense...


etc. edited for brevity



really, really great post, thanks.  the simple FACT is most "overtly" Christian music is only "good music" in context...


as far as recommending "Christian" music, one of my favorites ever is Candiria, really unique off the wall metal that gets artistic accolades from even the evil side of metal!

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DELETE (Just realized how old this thread was....)

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Another familiar with http://mutemath.com/about/ ?

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I haven't heard of them cause I listen to mainstream like Lecrae, Hillsong, etc but do they have a free mix tape or something to give me an idea of how they sound like?
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