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AKG k702 or Sennheiser HD650

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i am currently looking to get a new pair of headphones. i have been using a pair of Denon D1001k for a while now and love them but i am looking for something a step up from there. i have narrowed my search down to either the AKG k702 or Sennheiser HD650. looking at the price i noticed that the Hd650's would cost about a $100 more than the 702's. i was wondering if the HD650 are worth the extra $100 or if the K702's are just as good or better.

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it depends on the type of musics you listen to, plus both headphones require decent amps to fully utilize their capacity, and those amps probably cost more than the headphones themselves.
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depends on your taste and preferences. both also should be paired with good amping and a good source.
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This is a matter of taste ! You should audition them and decide from there ....
but good source and amp is a must have or you will loose more than 100 bucks
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701's are more analytical and lets you hear detail while the 650's are more laid back and veiled. Both have their own applications.650's will better cover up the flaws in less than perfect sources. The 701's will show you all the flaws. It just depends on what you like to listen to
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^ meh, I don't think that's very accurate. The K701 is all about removing richness and pushing detail right into your face. the HD650 is about highlighting rich tone, and the detail is behind the scenes a bit. neither is more detailed than the other.

There is no best. Do some research, there's a lot of info here about the sound of both phones.
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HD600 as the safe option?
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That's up to your personal preference as well.
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buy both and return one pair.... i did that and i ended up returning the 702 for the 650's
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The HD600 is a good option too as it costs less then the HD650 and offers a more neutral sound which is brighter than the HD650.
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Hey this has never been asked before... LOL.
Seriously, both awesome cans. See if you can get both and return one after a trial period. See which ones tend to match your other components better than the other.
I bought the HD 650 first...but plan on getting the K702 in 2010 as well... when I get a SS amp to match them.
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Just get both.
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I have both and I will keep both. Like BMW and Benz or like Nikon and Canon, it is hard to say which one is better.
I used to use K701s for vocal jazz and string classical, but definately not for rocks. K701s(or 702s) sounds very neutral and detailed with larger soundstage but the bass is just not enough for rocks and R&Bs.

HD650s has more colored sound. They are good for all kinds of music but nothing outstanding.
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I disagree with the opinions that the HD650s are "veiled", at least when referring to the newer version (be aware that there are supposedly two different versions of the HD650). I bought a pair about 1.5 months ago, and I'm finding that they are not quite stacking up to the countless reviews that I've read about them. Yes, the midrange can sound smooth, but the highs are awful. Anything with heavy cymbals will sound peaky and "abrasive". Certain synthesizers take on a sharp sound as well....for example "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd - the synthesizer line near the end sounds overly articulate and is particularly harsh on the ears. I would describe the overall sound as sharp and metallic; if that is the type of sound you enjoy, then I definitely recommend the HD650s. If you want something smoother, I suggest you look elsewhere. I haven't heard the K701/2, so I can't comment on those.
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Originally Posted by mudhole View Post
K701s(or 702s) sounds very neutral and detailed with larger soundstage but the bass is just not enough for rocks and R&Bs.

HD650s has more colored sound.
Niether one is neutral. They are classic examples of colored headphones, both in the opposite direction.
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