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clarinetman commissioned a mini-mini cable from me. He was a pleasure to deal with, paid quickly, and informed me when the cable safely got to him. I would gladly sell to clarinetman again.
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clarinetman bought my DT770/80pro off me was very friendly about communcation, prompt and pleasant. I hope the gift to your friend is enjoyed!
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I bought some HFI-780's from clarinetman and the deal couldn't have gone smoother. He shipped the day after I payed and I received the headphones about three days later. Item was well packaged and as described. He was also very helpful in answering any questions I had.
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Clarinetman bought my SRH840's. The transaction went very smoothly and I would definitely deal with him again. Enjoy the Shures!
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Just sold a beautiful pair of dt880's to clarinetman. He was great to deal with and an all around nice guy :)

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I bought his Grado 325's from him.  Shipping was quick, communication was fantastic and made sure that I got my 'phones on time.  Great seller!

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I bought a pair Hippo Shrooms off of clarinetman; his communication was excellent and informed me when the item was shipped. The item was also well packaged in the box.


If he was to sell something else, I would not hesitate to do business with him again.

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I sold Alex my LD I+.  All went well.

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Alex sold me a DT880. They were better than described and was shipped very quickly. I am enjoying a great pair of cans and look back on a very pleasant transaction with top notch communication all along the way. 

Thanks Alex !!

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I bought a pair of SoundMagic PL50 from Alex. The communication was great and he was following the shipping and my reactions. Good seller and good member. I can honestly recommend him to anyone wanting to sell or buy here.

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I purchased a small tube amplifier from Alex and what a pleasure it was. Communication was spectacular and shipping prompt. He answered all my questions and superseded all expectations of a seller. To my great surprise and pleasure he even included a CD of music that I enjoyed. I cannot emphasize enough what a joy it was doing business with him.

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Excellent communicator from pay to delivery. Also, a good bloke to chat with over PM. High recommended as a buyer and I'm sure as a seller.

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I sold a tube amp to clarinetman, he paid and responded to messages very quickly, recommended.

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