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OMG! Mapleshade Recordings

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I'd been getting catalogues from Mapleshade for years, but never bought anything from them. I didn't know any of these artists, or the music they were playing.

I was needing some new music, so I broke down & ordered the sampler disk this week.

Unfriggin believable!

These have got to be the best sounding recordings I have ever heard!
I went back the next day and ordered 4 more disks.
Go Buy Some!

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Thanks Todd. Got the Mapleshade Music Festival to check out. Always on the lookout for some great music.
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Some of their recordings do amaze, but, when all is said, the music doesn't move me.

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I've been thinking of ordering some of their music, but I don't know the bands.

So, Todd, you recommend getting one or two of their samplers? Or would I be safe with ordering some of their blues and jazz?
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I have 12 or 15 of the mapleshade cds. Sonically, they are all excellent. Some of my favorites that I would recommend:

New Rider Trio - Harp, Steel and Guts - This is an acoustic blues trio. Mark Wenner of the Nighthawks plays harp on this one. The guitar player is good too.

Midnight - Ras Mek Peace - Very good reggae band.

Sweetman and the Southside Blues Kings - Austin Backalley Blue - Sweetman is a tenor sax player. This is some very good smokey bar band blues and R&B.

Ala Carte Brass Band - Go-Go and Gumbo, Satchmo 'n Soul - Hard to describe this band. A blend of latin jazz, cuban dancehall and New Orleans R&B featuring Chuck Brown on vocals. Huge band, they must have 10 or 12 players in this group. I like this one a lot.

John Dee and Fris - Country Girl - Excellent acoustic blues cd. John Dee Holman lives close by so I've seen him several times live. This cd captures him quite well.

Allan Gampel - Chopin and Liszt Sonatas - This is one of the best recordings of a piano I've ever heard.

Tony Williamson - Still Light Of The Evening - Killer bluegrass cd with some fancy pickin' and tight vocal harmonies.

If you buy four or more cds, you can get them for 9.60. Pretty good deal!
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Haven't got anything from Mapleshade, but the Joe Darrane/Frankie Gavin looks like a winner -- meeting of the Titans (albeit lesser known ones) indeed.
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I have around 6. A lot of the music didn't do it for me either. Some if great, but you can't tell which from their catalogue (or often from high end magazines opinions).
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the j street jumpers album has been a reference of mine for a long-ass time. the recording is a little soft, but it's really wonderful to listen to nonetheless.

i ordered the sampler sometime ago and never really got into it, but recently i put it on my omega 2 setup.. and WOW. the recording quality is so incredible and omega 2's headstage is so focused, i swore i thought it was recorded binaurally. these guys _definitely_ know how to make a good recording (come on, the inside lists what kind of cables the mics used ), and the talent of the musicians they pick seem to be as up to par.

i've been meaning to order a few more of the albums to try but never got around to it. hopefully soemtime i'll get off my lazy ass soon and get some, or maybe people can recommend in this therad some of their favorites from the label.
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I'm on their mailing list.

That said, I do agree that I have to be in a specific mood to listen to that type of music. But I am sometimes in that mood, so...

Please, I would like to know any specific standout recordings that are the best they have to offer.
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I think I'm going to place an order for some of their blues and jazz recordings this weekend.
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I'll second all of the positive comments about Mapleshade I've read here. I've got 4 of their disks, and, for me, it was a positive note for 3 out of the four. I've got:
The J Street Jumpers one
The Arc Choir - Walk with me (A very good disk)
Midnight Blue - Inner City Blues (This was the one that didn't move me)
Clifford Jordan Quartet - Live at Ethell's
Hope this helps someone out there.
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Originally posted by yan sp
[B]My recommendation for any head-fier who like a jazz vocal or jazz can pick Afterglow by Kendra Shank.
I guess I do have a Mapleshade recording, Afterglow. Great recording, beautiful voice.
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I've got 17 of their discs (Mapleshade & Wild Child). Excellent quality. Also check out Chesky. Their recording quality is on par with Mapleshade's.
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Yes, Kendra Shank's Afterglow is one of the best on their label. Curiously, Kendra has recorded two other albums but none can match up with this recording.

If you like Afterglow, I think you'll enjoy performances by Rebecca Pidgeon and Christy Baron recorded on the Chesky label. The recording sonics are spectacular.

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Thanks for bringing this up.

I just ordered my first 5 CDs from Mapleshade.
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