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Should be getting my amp tomorrow, picked up a Sirius radio over the holiday sales weekend. I'm just curious if it's possible to hook it up through the amp? It came with the red and white phono jacks and while I expect radio quality sound, I just want to know if it's possible without a DAC? I have the Startus 5 model btw if that helps.
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Just an update...

I bought the NAD C326BEE about a month ago, it's been on backorder and I was originally quoted as mid-to-late December, but now they're saying end of the month.

I bought a pair of PSB Alpha B1's and some decent-but-nothing-special wire (can't remember the brand/model) tonight and a Yamaha S-1800BL the other day on Amazon's sale.

Planning on getting a Rega P1 before February if I can make it happen.

Just waiting on the amp before I can start enjoying my music

[EDIT] I grabbed the Tributaries SP5F cable, two 12-ft strands for $10 total. Should give me some flex to decide where I want to throw things.
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Got my amp in finally, were on backorder for some time.

Yamaha S1800BL>>>NAD C326BEE>>>PSB Alpha B1

I've given Michael Jackson and The XX (what? I'll give Davis and Coltrane their due later) a listen and the speakers definitely need to wear in a bit, but everything sounds quality.

Appreciate all the recommendations. I want to grab a turntable but can't see any time in the near future when I'd be able to afford it. I'm pretty much settled on the Rega P1, perhaps a P3 if I can find it used around the price of the P1. School and credit cards don't really get along with my wallet right now
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