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When is the NWZ-A847 Coming??!!

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This Dap has everything that i want:

1. the S-Master digital amplifier found in the NWZ-X1061
2. 64 Gb
3. Lossless (ATRAC AL, we can forget FLAC, this is Sony :P)
4. No flimsy touch screen or browser, with proper buttons.
5. Radio and decent Battery Life

how ever i cant seem to find the release date for any region outside Japan

i found it on PriceJapan.com

i might get it for Christmas if Sony doesn't announce an English version by then. the Japanese version supports drag n drop. does any one know if the atrac al files can be drag-n-dropped as well?

sorry for the rant
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That's because it's not the NWZ, it's the NW, which is the Asian only branch of sony Players.

We're not sure yet there will be a NWZ version, nothing's been announced.

If it says NW, then it's Asia only...
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This is a machine I could buy, if it ever comes to the U.S.
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The NWZ-1061 will display a number of languages including Japanese. Do you think the NW products also has selectable language? If it does the only worry would be warranty.
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According to the other thread on this machine, menus will only be in Japanese, though ID3 tags could be in English. Unless you read Japanese, guess you have to wait for it to be released worldwide. Oh, the Pricejapan.com price for the 64GB model is $477 shipped via EMS.

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I would guess X-mas... but it's getting close.
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Originally Posted by Pott View Post
That's because it's not the NWZ, it's the NW, which is the Asian only branch of sony Players.

We're not sure yet there will be a NWZ version, nothing's been announced.

If it says NW, then it's Asia only...
yep, thats true. waiting for sony to anounce the worldwide availability of the A847.

i read the thread at sonyinsider and it doesnt seem too positive. both stuge and darkside are die hard fans and they seem to have given up hope
SI: Sony™'s Gorgeous New A-Series Walkman Features OLED, Up To 64GB Capacity - Sony Insider Forums
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It is out.
I found a Japanese review, which has many photos. I'll try to translate it if I can get the guy's permission. Links are here, two parts.

NW-A847 Review No.1『開梱編ã€ï¼šSony and Love Power
NW-A847 Review No.2『音質編ã€ï¼šSony and Love Power
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I'm The Darkside on SonyInsider, and I've heard nothing from any of the people on the site about it being released outside of Japan. If Sony fails to release a comparable dap (w/64gb memory - hopefully tactile) for the rest of us around the world, and in decent time, I'm swearing off of the Walkman line.

As for the linked review, Google Translate makes it a jumbled mess. Is there a native Japanese speaker who could be so kind as to post an acceptable translation for us English speakers??? I'd greatly appreciate it.
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shall we send sony some complaint about not releasing this baby in the state?

we can always buy it through proxy for a ripped off price..
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really not sure why they are not releasing this worldwide. they need to release a 64 gb player for christmas so why not this? also sony's feature freeze (apart from the S master amp) is stupid. time they released a player with flac, gapless and on the go playlist support. or otherwise im following nywytboy68....

and +1 to that translation
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what really seems interesting is that the person doing the japanese review, seems to be comparing the X-series S master amp and the A series one! someone who knows japanese pls....
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hey everyone, i'm new to head-fi so i'd like to contribute in return of all the great info (a pair of yuin ok2 headphones are heading my way ^^).. i'm not fluent in japanese but i can try to translate those 2 posts.. but it might take a day or 2 for a complete translation.. i'll do a quick scan of it and mention the important points first...
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doesnt somebody in this forum has it? i remember seeing one in the rsa shadow thread. wonder if he ever posted his thought
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post #1: unboxing

post #1: unboxing

shopping experience:
- once i saw the words "s-master and 64gb" on the description, immediately i made up my mind to purchase the walkman
- it was a tough choice (between this and x series) as the x-series 64gb will be out soon
- (invoice) total after tax = 44800 yen = $500 USD, minus coupon discount of 6280 yen = 38520 yen = $430 USD

- Sony Walkman A series NW-A847, Sony Style limited edition, Arctic Violet colorway
- (1st pic) small, simple packaging - different than the x series packaging
- (2nd pic) user manual, warantee, "lyrics BITA" functionality info (red sheet)
- (3rd pic from left) cleaning cloth - comes with the sony style LE arctic purple (same as one from x-series)
- (3rd pic) - included NC headphones: MDR-NC033
- (4th pic) - voilet color changes to blue depending on the viewing angle, hardware feels like x-series
- (5/6/7th pic) - serial number print is different from x-series (sticker vs printed on??), made in malaysia - nowadays most walkmans are made overseas (outside of japan)
- (8th pic) clear plastic case and screen protector
- (9th pic) phone with case and sheet installed
- (10th pic) comment on how the case was scratched/cracked out of the box..
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