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Parn bought my iPhone 3GS stereo headset. Transaction was smooth. Highly recommended, thanks again!
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I sold Cardas XLR to RCA Adapter to unlimited. Nice smooth transaction. Thanks!!!
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Parn bought my UE-11. The transaction was smooth, the conversation with him was always nice and quick. Payment was ultra fast.
I can recommend Parn as a trustworthy head-fier.
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Parn bought my TF10s. We basically did the deal in 10 minutes (price negotiated and payment made.) You really cannot ask for much better than that. Great head-fier, and I would definitely do business with him again in the future.
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Bought a TF10VI from me. Everything was completely smooth. Great buyer, one of the best.
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My fancy Cardas USB cable has a new home -- Parn's!

I stole the cable off the Cardas table at Can Jam Florida, so my profit margin was high. Only kidding -- but these feedback posts get so boring. Actually I got a longer USB cable (which I needed) from Lee at Locus.

Perfect transaction. For me, anyway -- Parn paid fast (I have to admit I shipped slow)! Of course you should do business with him.
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First time I physically met with a buyer. What a great guy!

We met to close a deal on the HF-2s. He asked the right questions, was prompt, met where we agreed, checked the headphones carefully like any of us would and paid promptly. Straight forward with no hassles. Parn gets high marks from me and I would gladly do business with him again.

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I sold my UE Triple Fi 10 to unlimited. Communication was excellent, payment was immediate and overall a smooth transaction with no problems. I would not hesitate to deal with again.
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Parn bought my HF-2s. The transaction was good, the conversation with him was always nice . Payment was fast.
I can recommend Parn as a trustworthy head-fier.
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Parn bought some Sure Olives from me. Super fast communications, and flexible on every aspect of the sale. Was busy with work so had to put of for a week, but Parn was cool and patient.
Would buy/sell anytime in the future.
Thanks again!
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sold earphones. very easy transaction!
cool guy to deal with
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Parn bought my UE-11's. Good communication, no problems
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I sold my ue11's to Unlimited. Quick communication, fast payment, a great transaction all around. I'd highly recommend doing business with Unlimited!
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Parn bought a pair of UE 11 pros off of me. He was great friendly and helpful. Quick payment and great communication excellent buyer.
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Parn bought my L3000 "leatherhead" headphones. Needless to say, there was a lot riding on the line with this deal - and it was one of the smoothest and quickest transactions I've ever had. If only all deals were this pleasant! Prompt payment, friendly communication and chat.

It looks like my first - and last - high end headphones have found a great home. Thanks, Parn!

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